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RSP Supply keeps a large inventory of WaveLink Yagi Antennas in stock! You will find the Wavelink VALU Yagi Antenna and WaveLink PRO Yagi Antenna lines, as well as WaveLink Omni Antennas with both the WaveLink VALU Omni Antenna and WaveLink PRO Omni Antenna lines. We have hundreds in stock and all the accessories for a complete radio communication system, including WaveLink Grid Antennas and WaveLink Offset Dipole Antennas.


WaveLink Antennas –

 • Yagi Antennas
 • Omni Antennas

 • Dipole Antennas
 • Grid Antennas

WaveLink Antennas are premium quality antennas with attention to detail that sets them apart from all other antenna companies. All WaveLink Antennas are anodized where other companies are powder coated. Annodized antennas have a longer lasting more durable finish that resists ice build up in the winter that can impede your signal. WaveLink antennas are all welded and not bolted like many of their competitors. The WaveLink PRO antennas are fully welded while the VALU antennas are spot welded. Welded antennas are much more durable especially because most antennas are mounted high where the winds are stronger and the conditions are harsh.

WaveLink antennas come with quality clamps and the WaveLink PRO antenna has the most heavy duty clamp on the market. WaveLink antennas can all be ordered with cable lengths of any size with only a factory sealed connection at the antenna and solid cable to the end that connects to the lightning protection at the box. WaveLink antennas are all tested for maximum performance.