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There are many components beyond the standard electric motor that can make a big difference in how well the motor performs or how long it lasts. Much of this hinges on getting the right parts for connecting an electric motor to whatever drives or machines it is intended to power. A good start might be coupling kits, which attach to both ends of motor and connect it up to whatever kind of equipment (e.g., gear reductions, output shafts) one has in a particular application.

Stabilizer bushings dampen vibration and provide additional support to the motor, resulting in a much more stable operation and reduction in noise. They're made from durable stuff like rubber or polyurethane and do an excellent job of keeping everything properly aligned while also shielding motor mounts and frames from the kinds of stresses that could lead to premature failure.

The vital role that motor mounts and bases play in keeping motors secure and steady is hard to overstate. Whether scenarios call for various sizes of motor mounts, using different types of materials, or the need to specify certain kinds of applications—be they industrial or otherwise—the selection of the right kind of motor mount and base can indeed make a significant difference between a well-functioning system and one that's prone to problems.


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NAE-3210FD-HS C-Flange Kit - Rolled Steel - TEFC - 213T Frame
NAE-3140HS C-Flange Kit - Rolled Steel - TEFC - 143T Frame
NAE-3180HS C-Flange Kit - Rolled Steel - TEFC - 182T Frame
NAE-3210-RSTE-HS C-Flange Kit - Rolled Steel - TEFC - 213T Frame
Schneider Electric VW3M8219 is a connection accessory that serves as an accessory or separate part for motor power. It cannot be returned once purchased.
Schneider Electric VW3M5D2B is a non-returnable connection accessory kit designed for use with servo motors. The kit includes 1 MIL connector, making it an essential component for reliable and efficient motor connections. Compatible with S02 unit type of package, it ensures seamless integration into your servo motor system.
Schneider Electric VW3M5D2A is a non-returnable connection accessory kit designed for servo motors. It includes 1 MIL connector and is packaged in Unit Type S02. Efficiently connect and enhance the performance of your servo motor with this reliable and essential accessory kit.
Schneider Electric VW3M5D1F is a non-returnable connection accessory kit designed for use with servo motors. With a package unit type of S02, this kit includes 1 quick connector for quick and easy motor connections. Ideal for ensuring optimal motor performance and efficiency.
Schneider Electric VW3M5D1A is a non-returnable connection accessory kit designed for servo motors. It includes 1 quick connector and is suitable for use with the S02 unit type of package 2.
Schneider Electric VW3M3401 is a connection accessory unit designed for use with the Lexium 32M motor encoder. It is compatible with resolver encoder type and is not returnable. The package comes in S01 unit type and is specifically suitable for motor encoder accessory needs.
Schneider Electric VW3M2307 is a separate part accessory for conformity IP67. The package dimensions are 11.81 in (30 cm) in height, 23.62 in (60 cm) in length, and 15.75 in (40 cm) in width. It weighs 5.85 lb (2.652 kg). Each package contains 5 units. The unit type of package 2 is S03, and the unit type of package 3 is S04.
Schneider Electric GBY120040K Angular Planetary Gearbox is a durable and efficient solution for compatible products, with a maximum radial force of 1500 N and maximum axial force of 2100 N at 100 rpm. It has a reduction ratio of 40:1, a maximum output torque of 3257.07 lbf.in, and a continuous output torque of 2035.67 lbf.in. The gearbox has a service life of 30000 hours at 30°C and an efficiency of 92%. It features a straight teeth gear box type and can be mounted in any position. The housing is made of black anodized aluminum and has an IP54 degree of protection. Other notable features include a noise level of 75 dB, lubrication for life, and a torsional rigidity of 13 N.m/arcmin.