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Monitoring Relays

Monitoring relays are specialized devices designed to monitor specific electrical parameters, ensuring reliable protection and control of equipment and systems. These relays provide valuable functions such as phase sequence monitoring, voltage monitoring, phase failure detection, current monitoring, and more. They are widely used in various applications and industries to safeguard electrical systems, prevent damage, and minimize downtime.

Voltage monitoring relays are a common type of monitoring relay used to monitor and protect against voltage-related issues. They can detect overvoltage and undervoltage conditions, ensuring that electrical equipment operates within the specified voltage range. These relays provide reliable protection by quickly detecting voltage anomalies and initiating appropriate actions to prevent equipment damage or failure.

Current monitoring relays are another important category of monitoring relays. They continuously measure electrical currents and provide alerts or trigger actions if current levels exceed predefined thresholds. This helps protect equipment from overcurrent conditions, preventing overheating and potential damage. Current monitoring relays are often used in motor control applications to ensure the safe and efficient operation of motors.


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Eaton D64RP14 - Digital Ground Fault Relay
Eaton D64RPBH15 - Ground Fault Relay-D64RPBH15
Eaton D64RPBH13 - 120V Service Protection Ground Fault Relay
Eaton D64L2B - D64 Ground Fault Relays, fuse type 220/240V 50/60 Hz
Eaton D64L2A - D64 Ground Fault Relays, fuse type 110/120V 50/60 Hz
Eaton D64RPY1 - Digital Ground Fault Relay, With built-in CT, Normally Open contact
Eaton D65PLR480 - D65 Series Phase Loss Reversal Monitoring Relay, 240-480V voltage rating, Plug-in octal, DIN rail
Eaton D65VMLS600C - D65 Series Full Featured Voltage/Phase Monitoring Relay, 600V voltage rating, Surface mount (DIN rail)
Eaton D65VMLS480C - D65 Series Full Featured Voltage/Phase Monitoring Relay, 480V voltage rating, Surface mount (DIN rail)
Eaton D65VMLP120 - D65 series Monitoring relay, 120 Vac, Plug-in octal mounting, Full featured voltage/phase monitor, 120V
Eaton D65VMLS240-EXC - D65 Series Full Featured Voltage/Phase Monitoring Relay, 240V voltage rating, Surface mount (DIN rail or panel)
Eaton D65VMLS120C - D65VM series Motor protection and monitoring relays, Full Featured Voltage/Phase, 120V voltage rating, Surface mount (DIN rail)