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Sensor Accessories

Sensor accessories are essential components that enhance the functionality and versatility of sensors in various applications. These accessories, which range from power supplies to mounting brackets, enable easy connection and installation of sensors, ensuring their optimal performance.

Power supply accessories are critical for providing consistent and reliable power to the sensors. They come in various lengths and types to cater to different needs. A well-chosen power supply can ensure a sensor operates effectively and can prevent unnecessary power-related issues.

Mounting accessories are another important set of sensor accessories. These include horizontal mounting brackets, which allow sensors to be installed in a wide range of positions, and a mounting bracket of a different diameter, available in both metric and imperial measurements, which cater to a variety of sensor sizes. The material of these accessories also varies, with options like stainless steel providing durability and protection in harsh environments.


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Pre-wired connectors XZ - elbowed female - 1/2"20 UNF - 3 pins - cable PVC 2m
Three models of the PTP accept either a 3 to 15, 3 to 30, or 0 to minus 7.5 psig pneumatic pressure input and convert it to one of four proportional analog output ranges of 1-5, 2-10, 3-15 VDC or 4-20 mA which are jumper shunt selectable. The PTP is a positive current output device that is fully temperature compensated. A plugged gauge port is provided in the aluminum manifold for local mechanical indication via an optional 0 to 30 psi gauge.  The PTP is covered by ACI's Two (2) Year Limited Warranty.
ACI 148553 LCD, RH2%, SET, DEG F
ACI 148519 LCD, 3%, SET, DEG F
This kit is used for calibration or bump testing of Q5/B5, Q6/B6 series sensors, Q8/B8 series explosion-proof sensors, and the QTS-1700 series explosion proof combustible sensors. The GAS CAL KIT consists of one C10 0.5lpm regulator, one C10 to CGA600 adapter, ten feet of ¼” tubing and a carry case. The calibration adapter for series sensors needed is ordered separately. The carry case has spaces for three 17L or 34L cylinder of Zero and Span gas for easy transportation and storage of gas and calibration equipment. Zero and Span calibration gases are not included and can be sourced online from sites such as calgasdirect.com, mesagas.com or from a local distributor. -A “bump test” (function check) is the application of target gas to a sensor to verify alarms, functionality and alarm response. Bump testing is performed upon system start-up or commissioning of the gas detection system or as routine maintenance throughout the year.
ACI 148402 Differential Low Pressure, 1250 Pascals, Unidirectional, No Display, 0.50% Accuracy, w/ Pitot Tube, 4-20mA Output, No Nist, Standard
ACI 148401 Differential Low Pressure, 1000 Pascals, Unidirectional, No Display, 0.50% Accuracy, w/ Pitot Tube, 4-20mA Output, No Nist, Standard
ACI 148381 LCD, RH3%, SET, O/R, DEG F
ACI 148354 LCD, SET, DEG F
ACI 148297 Carbon Dioxide Sensor, Room, 0-2000 PPM, (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA), Temp (10K Type II), Setpoint (0-1K), Cool/Warm Sticker, Override
The LD2100 combines reliable, scalable leak detection with a suite of diverse alarm notification pathways and protects any critical facility from damaging leaks.