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Smart Relays

Smart relays have significantly evolved in the realm of home automation and industrial control. They're essentially compact devices that combine the functionalities of relays and programmable logic controllers, offering more features than a simple relay switch. These smart relays are ideal solutions for controlling various aspects of your home or facility, from lighting to ventilation systems.

Smart relays offer an array of monitoring applications. They can prevent electrical faults by detecting anomalies in voltage and power consumption and taking immediate action. If you have a more complex set-up, such as access control or advanced lighting configurations, smart relays with expandable CPU houses can provide optional expansion features for monitoring and control.

Some smart relays are compatible with other smart relays and other devices in a connected environment, offering you the advantage of integrated solutions. For instance, you can link a smart relay that controls your light switch with another that controls your ventilation systems, so they work in tandem based on, say, a real-time clock or sensors that detect occupancy.


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memory cartridge - for smart relay Zelio Logic firmware - for v 3.0 - EEPROM
Magelis small panel connecting cable - for smart relay Zelio Logic
SUB-D 9-pin PC connecting cable - for smart relay Zelio Logic - 3 m
USB PC connecting cable, for Zelio Logic smart relay, 3 meters
Modbus network slave communication module - for SR3 24 V DC smart relay
discrete I/O extension module - 14 I O - 12 V DC - for Zelio Logic
Schneider SR2E121B Zelio Smart Relay 24 VAC 16 I/O With Clock Complete Unit 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs 0 analog inputs . This Smart Relay is built to be compact and easy to use and to provide basic control functionality without needing a high end PLC.