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Ericson Industrial Plugs & Receptacles

Ericson plugs and receptacles are known for their robust construction and reliability, catering to a wide array of industrial, commercial, and construction applications. These products stand out for their innovative features designed to ensure safety, durability, and ease of use in demanding environments.

A defining characteristic of Ericson's offerings is their emphasis on safety. Many of their plugs and receptacles come with features such as watertight seals, which protect against moisture and dust, ensuring that the electrical connections remain secure even in harsh conditions. Additionally, Ericson designs its products to be flame retardant and resistant to impact, further enhancing their safety in potentially hazardous environments.

Ericson also focuses on ease of use and installation. Their plugs and receptacles often feature ergonomic designs that make them easy to handle and connect, even with gloved hands. Some models include features like color-coded wiring and clear, easy-to-read labels, simplifying the installation process and reducing the risk of wiring errors.


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Ericson PC60 Gray Cap for Plug/Inlet is designed for use with IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve devices. With a maximum amperage of 60, it securely covers the plug/inlet to protect against dust and debris. Meeting industry standards, this cap ensures efficient and reliable performance.
Ericson PC100 Gray IEC - CAP is a 100A Cap for Plug/Inlet device. It features an IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve NEMA configuration, ensuring secure connection. This high-quality product is designed for reliable performance and is ideal for various applications that require a robust and efficient power inlet.
Ericson EL720P is a commercial-grade black plug with an indoor environmental rating. It has a 20 amp capacity, NEMA L7-20 configuration, and is designed with 2 poles and 3 wires for locking blade style. This single phase device is suitable for various commercial applications.
Ericson EL720C is a black, commercial-grade indoor connector. It is a 20-amp, 1-phase device with a NEMA L7-20 configuration. This locking connector has 2 poles and 3 wires. Suitable for a variety of applications.
Ericson EL715P is a black, commercial-grade plug designed for indoor use. It has a 15 Amp capacity, NEMA L7-15 configuration, and requires a 277V voltage. With a 2P/3W design and locking blade style, it offers reliable power for various applications. Packaged in cases of 200 units, with 50 units per carton.
Ericson EL715C is a black commercial grade indoor connector. With a phase of 1 and a case quantity of 200, this device is suitable for indoor use. It has an amp rating of 15, a NEMA L7-15 configuration, and a voltage of 277V. The device has a locking blade style and features 2 poles and 3 wires.
Ericson EL530R-B is a black 30 Amp, 125V receptacle designed for indoor use. It features a NEMA L5-30 configuration and a locking blade style. With two poles and three wires, this device is perfect for electrical components in a single-phase setup.
Ericson EL520R-B is a black-colored indoor receptacle designed for a 20Amp, 125V power supply. It has a locking blade style and a NEMA L5-20 configuration featuring 2 poles and 3 wires. This product is suitable for indoor use in single-phase installations.
Ericson EL520P is a black, commercial grade indoor plug with a locking blade style. It is designed for single-phase, 125V applications and has a maximum amperage rating of 20A. This product follows the NEMA L5-20 configuration with two poles and three wires. It is sold in cases of 100 and cartons of 10.
Ericson EL520C is a black commercial grade indoor connector, featuring a NEMA L5-20 configuration, with 2 poles and 3 wires. It has an amp rating of 20 and is capable of handling a voltage of 125V. Its blade style is locking, and it is sold in cases of 100 or cartons of 10.
Ericson EL515P is a black plug device designed for indoor use in commercial grade applications. With a 15 amp capacity, it operates at 125V with a NEMA L5-15 configuration. This two-pole, three-wire device has a locking blade style, and it is sold in cases of 160 units, each containing 40 cartons.
Ericson EL515C is a black commercial-grade indoor connector with a locking blade style. It has a 15 amp rating, a NEMA L5-15 configuration, and operates at 125 volts. The connector is designed for 2 poles and 3 wires, with a case quantity of 160 and carton quantity of 40.