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Cushions and spacers are integral components in electrical systems, designed to prevent contact between electrical parts and manage spacing in installations. They're typically made from non-conductive materials like rubber or plastic. Their primary function is to ensure electrical components are positioned correctly and securely, providing both physical support and electrical insulation.

Electrical lockouts are safety devices used to prevent the accidental energization of electrical systems during maintenance or repair. They physically secure electrical switches or circuit breakers in an off position. These tools are essential for compliance with safety regulations and protect workers from electrical hazards. They come in various forms, including lockout tags, padlocks, and switch covers.

Carrier and cleaning solvents are used for different purposes in the maintenance of electrical equipment. Carrier solvents aid in the even application and distribution of substances like lubricants or adhesives, evaporating quickly after application. Cleaning solvents, on the other hand, are formulated to remove contaminants like grease and dirt from electrical components without causing damage. They are essential for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of electrical systems.


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Dottie LL100CG - 5 lb Duct Seal is a Butyl Rubber Composite material specifically designed for sealing conduit openings, gaps, and holes. This FDA approved and U.S.D.A acceptable product is non-corrosive, paintable, asbestos-free, and non-toxic. Suitable for use with electrical boxes, flashings, and service masts. Color: Gray.
Dottie FT6716 - Fire Rated Putty Stick is a versatile firestick sealant suitable for general purpose, acoustic, and smoke sealing of small openings in EMT pipe, conduit, cabling, and electrical boxes. It contains no asbestos fillers or volatile solvents, adheres to common building surfaces, and has an STC rating of 60. Applied by hand, this single component stick is red in color.
Dottie HLS12 - Fireblocking Handi-Foam is a one-component, low-pressure polyurethane foam sealant designed to effectively seal and fireblock penetrations between rooms and floors in residential buildings. It is specifically formulated for Type V residential use, with an orange color for easy identification. Ideal for use in electrical outlets, openings, stud and baseplate penetrations, and plumbing penetrations.
Dottie 1032G - Premium Fire Stop Caulking Compound is a versatile fire stop caulking compound suitable for construction joints on vertical and horizontal surfaces. With special features like asbestos-free, non-toxic, and VOC compliant, it offers a STC rating of 65 and remains flexible even in dynamic movements. Paintable and non-sagging, it provides 1-4 hour fire ratings.
Dottie RMB141 - Roof Mastic (1 Gallon) is a professional-grade roof mastic designed for various applications including flashings, gutters, skylights, cracks, shingles, and repairs. With its buttery smooth texture and highly resilient formula, it is durable through all seasons. This black mastic is asbestos-free and suitable for wet and dry locations.
Dottie RTV3 - This 10.3 oz White RTV Silicone Sealant is made of durable silicone rubber, perfect for sealing seams, roofs, door frames, and vinyl tops. Its watertight, low odor formula ensures flexibility without cracking or peeling. UV resistant, it adheres well to various surfaces like pipes, joints, vents, and air conditioners.
Dottie MD1 - General Purpose Fire Stop Caulking Compound is a versatile fire stop caulking compound suitable for construction joints on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Asbestos-free and non-toxic, it remains flexible and paintable with a STC rating of 65. Ideal for general purpose fire-rated, acoustic, and smoke seal applications.
Dottie RKM10 - Roof Mastic (1 Quart) is a professional-grade product suitable for a variety of applications including flashings, gutters, skylights, cracks, shingles, and repairs. This highly resilient and durable formula is ideal for use in wet and dry locations, offering a buttery smooth texture and asbestos-free composition.
Dottie RKM4 - Roof Mastic (10.5 oz) is a professional-grade sealant for use on flashings, gutters, skylights, cracks, shingles, and repairs. With a buttery smooth texture, it is highly resilient and durable through all seasons. Suitable for wet and dry locations, this black mastic is asbestos free and can be used on all penetrations.
Dottie 110 - 1/8'' x 6'' x 8'' Sound and Air Transmission Barrier Pad is a butyl rubber composite insulated sound pad. This gray pad seals electrical boxes to reduce air and sound transmission. It features low VOC emissions, flexibility, and forms a watertight seal. Ideal for sound deadening applications.
Dottie RW101 - 7.25 oz White RTV Silicone Sealant is a silicone rubber sealant that is ideal for sealing seams/roofs, door frames, and vinyl tops. It is watertight, low odor, flexible, UV resistant, and will not crack, shrink, or peel. Suitable for use with pipes, joints, vents, air conditioners, etc.
Dottie CP5 - Dark Cutting Oil (Gallon) is designed for all metal cutting operations such as lathe work, drilling, tapping, milling, and sawing. Made with a petroleum mineral oil base and chlorinated additive, it extends tool life. Suitable for use with steel, cast iron, all metals, and ferrous alloys. Color: black.