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Tool Accessories

3M offers a comprehensive range of tool accessories designed to complement and enhance the performance of their tools in various applications. These accessories are known for their quality and innovation, aligning with 3M's reputation for producing professional-grade products.

One key category of 3M tool accessories is their abrasive products. These include sanding discs, grinding wheels, and Scotch-Brite™ pads, which are used for surface preparation, grinding, finishing, and polishing. These abrasives are engineered for durability and effectiveness, providing smooth, consistent finishes on a variety of materials. They are compatible with 3M power tools, ensuring optimal performance and results.

For dust management, 3M provides a selection of dust extraction accessories. These are designed to be used with power tools to efficiently capture and remove dust and debris, ensuring a cleaner working environment. This not only helps in maintaining cleanliness but also reduces the inhalation of potentially harmful particles, thus contributing to the health and safety of users.


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3M 7100251915 - 3M S.M.A.R.T. Bumper Stand securely holds plastic bumper fascias or bumper covers in place while being repaired and painted. Convenient positioning of the bumper provides improved access. With this handy accessory, automotive technicians can achieve better results by positioning the bumper at the optimal height and angle.
3M 7100168976 - 3M File Belt Sander Contact Wheel Replacements contains everything you need to easily replace the contact wheel on your 3M File Belt Sander and help keep it operating at peak performance. Each contact wheel replacement kit contains a durable contact wheel and an installation screw. The contact wheel and the screw are designed specifically for 3M File Belt Sanders (PN 33573 and 33575).
3M 7010326631 - Replacement Spindle for 20244 3M Mini Random Orbital Sander to allow the sanding of defects in hard to reach areas.
3M 7100261620 - 3M Paint Repair Controller ties together the 3M Robotic Paint Repair System, including the 3M™Active Compliant Tool and 3M Servo Random Orbital Sander and Buffer.
3M 7100138283 - 3M Orbital Sanders - Original Series are designed to maximize finishing performance on flat surfaces. Its 3 x 4- inch work face easily gets into corners and angles to deliver an exceptionally smooth, flat, professional surface on metal, wood, composites and advanced materials. Air-powered 3M Orbital Sanders - Original Series are available in three vacuum styles, with accessories.
3M 7100264079 - The 3M Xtract™ Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander is a key component of the 3M Xtract™ sanding system. Along with 3M Xtract™ Net Discs and the 3M Xtract™ Portable Dust Extractor, this powerful 0.28 HP (209W) sander helps enable virtually dust-free sanding.
3M 7100277474 - High quality replacement parts designed by 3M for your 3M Xtract™ Random Orbital Sander
3M 7000118731 - 3M Random Orbital Sander Replacement Parts keep your 3M Random Orbital Sander running strong. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed parts list and tool schematic to identify the part you need.
3M 7010360078 - Flexible Diamond Cloth Strip 6001J was designed to tackle hard-to-grind materials like stone, glass, ceramic, metal carbides and composites. The sharp-cutting diamond mineral and flexible backing make this abrasive a good match for grinding and finishing on hard to grind metals.
3M 7100278925 - 3M Active Compliant Force Tools give a robot a "human" touch - the aility to apply controlled forces during grinding and finishing applications. When attached to robot arm, their sliding carriage allows the Servo Tool Holder and abrasive to maintain contact with part surface with a specific force. This capability opens a wide range of abrasives processes to robotic automation.
3M 7100320495 - 3M PDE Replacement Motor, model number 66229, with 1400W power and 120V voltage for use in the US.
3M 7100312904 - 3M Dynatel Transmitter with 5W/12W battery and charger for California and Oregon.