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Tower Sections

The telecommunication and wireless communication industries use towers, poles and mounts as support structures for antennas, personal communication systems, commercial and amateur broadcasting, home television and cellular telephones. There are two basic types of towers: self-supporting and guyed. Self-supporting towers can be three- or four-sided steel-lattice pyramids or boxes or tubular monopoles. Guyed towers are a slender, steel structure supported by one or more levels of braided and stranded high-strength steel guy cables that anchor it to the ground. When selecting the proper tower type, it is important to consider how much land it will occupy, the soil type of the land and the overall height and weight of the finished installation.

Tower sections are individual components that make up a tower structure. Joining tower sections together form a complete tower of a specific height and weight capacity. Tower sections can come in different shapes, sizes, and materials depending on the type of tower and its intended use.


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Rohn R10H Rsl Section 10 - Leg U 2-3/4" X 1/4" Br 1-1/4" Od
Rohn R9H Rsl Section 9 - Leg U 2-3/4" X 1/4" Br 1-1/4" Od
Rohn R8H Rsl Section 8 - Leg U 2-3/4" X 1/4" Br 1-1/4" Od
Rohn RSLL-10 Rsl Section 10 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-9 Rsl Section 9 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-8 Rsl Section 8 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-7 Rsl Section 7 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-6 Rsl Section 6 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-5 Rsl Section 5 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-4 Rsl Section 4 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-3 Rsl Section 3 - Legs
Rohn RSLL-2 Rsl Section 2 - Legs