Power Supplies & Regulation

Industrial power supplies are electrical devices that take electric power from an input source, transform it, and send it to the output load. The input and output power can either be alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). The goal of the power supply is to power the load with the correct current and voltage. Power supplies that are designated for industrial use are required to have safety approvals, handle high power density and operate in harsh environments.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are electrical devices that provide near-instantaneous protection from input power source failures by providing backup power. This is critical in industrial settings where a power disruption can lead to costly downtime and damage to expensive equipment. Choosing the proper UPS system can provide the necessary power to cover short-term outages and enable safe system shutdown during extended power outages.

Transformers are devices that transfer electric energy from one AC circuit to another by either increasing (step-up) or decreasing (step-down) the voltage. This helps to improve the efficiency and safety of power systems by adjusting the voltage levels when needed. Transformers are primarily used in the regulation and distribution of power across long distances.

DC to DC voltage converters are devices that convert one DC input to a different DC output by either increasing or decreasing the voltage. This helps to maintain steady voltage levels despite possible input fluctuations and can be useful in electrical control panels that usually contain many components that rely on dc power of different voltage ratings.

Diode modules are devices that can be used to decouple two power supplies that are connected on the output side, in parallel, to provide redundancy or increase power. If one power supply fails, this ensures that there are enough remaining power supplies to provide the required load current. Diode modules can be used to increase current capacity when one power supply is insufficient to deliver the load current required.


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PULS UBC10.241UPS DC,, 24VDC, 10A with Internal 5Ah Battery included.
PULS UB20.241 UPS DC, 24VDC, 20A, For 3.9-150Ah Battery (Not Included)
PULS CP20.241-R2 Redundancy Power Supply Module, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24VDC, 20A with Plug Connectors
PULS PIM90.241 Power Supply, AC 100-240V, DC 24-28V, 3.8A, 90W, push-in terminals
PULS PIM60.241 Power Supply, 60W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 2.5-2.1A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIM36.241 Power Supply, 36W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 1.5-1.2A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIC480.241D Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS PIC240.241D Power Supply, 240W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 10-8.6A
PULS PIC120.241D Power Supply, 120W, 100-120 / 200-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5-4.3A
PULS CP5.241 Power Supply 120W, 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5.0-4.3A
PULS CP20.241 Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS CP10.241-R2 Power Supply 240W, 1PH, 24VDC, 10A w/ Plug Connectors, Hot Swappable