Energy & Power Measurement

Energy and Power Management is critical to any industrial facility that wants to improve the efficiency of energy use while reducing energy waste. Monitoring and measuring power can help to identify quality issues and improve power availability and reliability.

Current transformers are devices that are used when a current is too high to process by electronic equipment or to measure by measuring instruments. A current transformer will “step down" the current from thousands of amperes to a standard output of a known ratio to either 5 Amps or 1 Amp allowing small and accurate instruments to be protected from high currents. 

Current transducers are devices that act as an interface between the power system and the measurement system. They convert any non-standard electrical current input into a usable electrical current output, such as an alternating current (AC) input signal into a direct current (DC) output signal. Current transducers operate by magnetically inducing current from the conductor into a proportional electric current that flows through the current transducer’s conductor. This protects measuring devices from high power currents.

Power and Energy Meters produce critical information about how a system is performing, so that immediate improvements can be made. There are two main types of meters that handle different types of data: Energy meters and power meters. Energy meters measure kilowatt-hour (kWh) and feature an optimal communication output. They are used for basic energy measurement. Power meters measure active and reactive energy consumption.


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