Legend Plates for Switches, Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Pilot devices provide control and condition monitoring of different types of processes, equipment and machinery in industrial and commercial applications. They are used for communication from a machine to an operator or from an operator to a machine. Pilot devices can be an audio or visual indicator, or an actuator that is used to control the flow of energy to a process. Visual indicators are: pilot lights, signal towers, strobes and beacons. Audio indictors are: buzzers and sounder horns. Actuators are: push buttons, selector switches, toggle switches and potentiometers.

Push button are most commonly used for switching devices on or off. There are different types of push buttons switches that function in specific ways. Momentary push button switches require continuous compression to keep contact within the circuit and keep the device “on.” Most are used for intermittent user input such as reset or keypad buttons. Latching or maintained push button switches do not require continuous compression and require the user to just press the switch once to turn the device on or off until it is pressed again.

Selector switches are devices that have a handle that can be rotated in two, three or more positions. As the handle rotates, a plunger is pushed inward to make or break contacts that are mounted on the back. Selector switches can be used to switch a process on or off, switch from low speed to high speed, switch from auto to manual and many more depending on the application. Selector switches come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and materials. The mounting diameter can be between 16mm to 30mm and are generally either plastic or metal. Key-operated selector switches are used for safety-related applications. The key can be removed in various positions. Once the key is removed, no other action can be performed.


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Heavy-Duty 22.5 mm Watertight/Oiltight Accessories STBS LEGEND HOLDER +INSERT B/W/R SQ
Heavy-Duty 22.5 mm Watertight/Oiltight Accessories RTBS LEGEND HOLDER +INSERT B/W/R
Heavy-Duty 22.5 mm Watertight/Oiltight Accessories RTBM LEGEND HOLDER +INSERT B/W/R EXT
Rectangular legend plate 50x40 mm aluminum for 30 mm 2-position selector switch with text: Pos 21:Off Pos 22:On
Rectangular legend plate 50x40 mm aluminum for 30 mm operator with text: Reset
70 mm diameter legend plate for 30 mm emergency stop with text: Emergency stop
Rectangular legend plate 40x56 mm aluminum for 30 mm operator without text
Rectangular legend plate 40x50 mm aluminum for 30 mm operator without text
Legend plate for potentiometer, 48.5x44,5mm, scale 0-10
Legend plate for potentiometer, 29,6x44,5mm, scale
Rectangular legend plate 29,6x39 mm aluminum with text: <- O ->