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Enclosure Door & Door Accessories

Electrical enclosures are designed to house industrial components and to protect them from the surrounding environment. They are also designed to protect operators from electric shock. Security requirements have been implemented to help prevent unauthorized access to electrical enclosures.

Enclosure door latches, handles and locks play a big part in enclosure security and safety. In many applications, the value of the equipment housed in the enclosure is significant enough to justify the cost of additional security features. Also, any unauthorized or accidental operation of a control system could have severe consequences. To better secure enclosure doors, there are key locking door latches and key locking wing knobs, as well as, handles that have padlocks, key locks and combinations locks.

Enclosure doors may need to be replaced from time to time and it is important to order the correct replacement door that matches the existing enclosure so that the NEMA rating is maintained. When additional security is needed, replacement doors may also include padlocking handles.

Enclosure data pockets can be mounted inside or outside an enclosure and provide a place to store wiring diagrams, user manuals and other documents needed to troubleshoot or operate the equipment in an enclosure. External data pockets can match the finish of the enclosure, protect the documents from the elements and can be locked for security.