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Instrumentation Accessories

Instrumentation accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of devices. These accessories are engineered to support a wide array of applications, ensuring professionals across industries can maximize the utility of their instruments.

Key accessories include probes, leads, and clips, which are essential for making precise and safe electrical measurements. These components are carefully designed to ensure accurate contact with test points, minimizing the risk of inaccurate readings due to poor connections. Temperature probes, for instance, extend the capabilities of multimeters and thermal imagers, allowing for detailed temperature monitoring in various contexts, from industrial machinery to environmental systems.

Cases and holsters are another important category of accessories, offering protection and portability for instruments. Durable materials and thoughtful designs ensure that devices are shielded from the rigors of field use, including impacts, dust, and moisture. These carrying solutions often include additional storage for leads and probes, keeping all necessary tools organized and readily accessible.


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Fluke 5749-60 - UNIVERSAL ADAPTER CABLE - 1906330
Fluke 5749-48 - UNIVERSAL ADAPTER CABLE - 1906327
Fluke 5749-36 - UNIVERSAL ADAPTER CABLE - 1906311
Fluke 5749-24 - UNIVERSAL ADAPTER CABLE - 1906309
Fluke 6087 - FIELD SVC KIT, RED
Fluke 5760 - SIGNAL SAMPLER - 1906473
Fluke 5742 - COUPLING CONNECTOR - 1906241
Fluke 2352 - Terminal Turret Connector Single End, Panel Mount, Panel Mount - 1996699
Fluke 4945-K-60 - Cable Assembly 5.00' (1.52m) - 1915644
Fluke 4945-K-24 - Cable Assembly 2.00' (609.6mm) - 1915615
Fluke 4945-K-18 - Cable Assembly 1.50' (457.2mm) - 1915603