Industrial Power Supplies

Industrial power supplies are devices that are used to provide power to industrial equipment. Power supplies can be used to provide power to different electrical loads. The three types of power supplies most commonly used are: unregulated power supplies, linear power supplies and switching power supplies. 

Unregulated power supplies have a chance of negatively impacting circuits and devices that are connected to them. This can occur when an unregulated input voltage experiences some kind of change. This will be reflected in the output voltage resulting in electrical noise. Many plug-in wall outlets are unregulated power supplies.

Linear power supplies receive an AC input, steps down the voltage with a transformer, then rectifies and filters the input to produce a DC output. Although linear power supplies tend to be large and less efficient, they are still widely used where low noise and good regulation are required. They can be found in communication and medical equipment, signal processing, control circuits and industrial applications. 

Switching power supplies incorporate a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently and can either step up or step down the input voltage to produce the desired output voltage. Compared to linear power supplies, switching power supplies produce more noise and are more expensive, however, they are smaller, more efficient and are capable of higher outputs. They can be found in high power and high current applications, manufacturing and testing, waste treatment and DC motors.


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PULS CP20.241-R2 Redundancy Power Supply Module, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24VDC, 20A with Plug Connectors
PULS PIM90.241 Power Supply, AC 100-240V, DC 24-28V, 3.8A, 90W, push-in terminals
PULS PIM60.241 Power Supply, 60W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 2.5-2.1A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIM36.241 Power Supply, 36W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 1.5-1.2A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIC480.241D Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS PIC240.241D Power Supply, 240W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 10-8.6A
PULS PIC120.241D Power Supply, 120W, 100-120 / 200-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5-4.3A
PULS CP5.241 Power Supply 120W, 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5.0-4.3A
PULS CP20.241 Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS CP10.241-R2 Power Supply 240W, 1PH, 24VDC, 10A w/ Plug Connectors, Hot Swappable
PULS UB10.241 Power Supply 24 VDC DIN Rail Mount Single Phase 10 Amp
PULS QS10.241 Power Supply 24-28 VDC 240 Watt DIN Rail Mount Single Phase 9-10 Amp