Operator Interface

Operator Interface (OI), also referred to as Human Machine Interface (HMI), devices allow humans to interact with automated systems. OI hardware includes touchscreens, displays, keypads and communication ports. OI software is PC-based and is used to transfer and configure applications to and from the OI.

Digital panel meters read an input signal and display it in digital form. These meters are usually mounted to a control panel and show temperature, pressure, voltage, etc. 

HMI Screens allow operators to interact with automated systems by centralizing and digitizing data received from input and output sensors. This data is then displayed for the operator on the screen where it can be easily managed and controlled.

Industrial PCs are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures, vibration, electromagnetic interference and dirt. Industrial PCs can run powerful automation software and control complex applications with efficiency and reliability.


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Beijer NRE_X2_FOIL_BASIC NRE Basic Branding Basic branding: Non-recurring engineering (NRE) for black color X2 front foil branding. - Customer downloads overlay template from Beijer Electronics web site. - Customer designs the foil design based on the template and send to sales representative. - All documentation to be sent by e-mail to: branding.global@beijerelectronics.com (project proposal document including full year forecast, logo in vector format (preferably EPS), foil design based on overlay template, colors in PMS format). - The process is started when customer place an order of the start up fee on part number “NRE_X2_FOIL_BASIC” - Beijer Electronics create the new part numbers, drawings and product samples according to the time line which will be unique to each cusotmer (at least 30 days). - The customer places order for the part number according to the defined MOQ. - Details: https://www.beijerelectronics.us/x2branding
Beijer 100-1071 5" to 7" HMI Screen Cover 5" to 7" HMI Screen Cover (HMI-0700-003) - 090" aluminum powdercoat black Beijer engraved logo door gasket, 10" x 7"; MOQ 25; lead-time is 5 weeks AOR
Beijer 100-0389 SD CARD 2GB Industrial grade SD CARD 2GB Industrial grade
Beijer 100-0921 X2 power connector X2 Power plug 3p 24 V (green)
Beijer 100-0855 Test kit X2 base Test kit X2 base
Beijer 100-0549 CAB153 RS485, RS422 Termination plug. To be used to terminate of existing TxX RS422 and RS485 non-terminated cables
Beijer 100-1157 Adaptor plate from A7 to X2 extreme 7 Adaptor plate from QTERM-A7 to X2 extreme 7
Beijer 100-1004 Connector Shield - X2 extreme 7 SL X2 extreme 7 Sealed HP Protective Connector Shield
Beijer 100-1003 SD Cover Assembly - X2 extreme 7/12/15 X2 extreme 7/12/15 sealed SC slot cover assembly
Beijer 100-0773 External Parts - X2 pro/ctrl 4/7/10, mar 7 X2 pro/control 4/7/10 and X2 marine 7 External Parts
Beijer 100-0938 Touch protection X2 base 5 Touch protection X2 base 5 (1 per package)
Beijer 100-0193 CiX-CAN 2-port CiX-CAN communication module is a hardware option for the iX TxX and X2 pro/marine/control. 2x 9-pin D-sub-connectors, 5 communications LEDs; CE, DNV and UL certified. (CAN is integrated on X2 extreme.)