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Protective Communications

3M's protective communications solutions are designed to enhance worker safety and productivity by integrating hearing protection with communication systems. These products, such as the PELTOR™ series, allow clear communication in high-noise environments while protecting hearing. They feature advanced technologies like noise-canceling microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with two-way radios, ensuring seamless and effective communication.

The ergonomic design of 3M's protective communication devices ensures comfort during extended use, making them ideal for industries like manufacturing, construction, and emergency services. By combining hearing protection with communication capabilities, 3M helps maintain situational awareness and team coordination, crucial for safety and efficiency in noisy and hazardous environments.


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3M 7100160539 - 3M WorkTunes™ Connect Wireless Hearing Protector with Bluetooth® Technology is available in a case of 4.
3M 7100148799 - 3M WorkTunes™ Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth® Technology, 90542H1-DC-PS, 3 per case.
3M 7100156587 - 3M Worktunes™ AM/FM Hearing Protector, 90541H1-DC-PS, comes in cases of 4.
3M 7100010486 - 3M Peltor™ WS™ ProTac XP is an active-hearing hearing protector that features Bluetooth® technology.
3M 7100088576 - Peltor™ Sport Ultimate™ Hearing Protector, model 97042-PEL-6C, offers 30 NRR protection in black/gray color.
3M 7100117621 - Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protector, TAC500-OTH, 1 Protector per Case. Ideal for shooting sports, this electronic hearing protector offers superior hearing protection and communication in noisy environments. Protect your ears with Peltor's advanced technology.
3M 7100117618 - Peltor™ Sport Tactical 300 Electronic Hearing Protector comes in a case of 4 and includes 1 protector. Model TAC300-OTH.
3M 7010336881 - Peltor™ Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector, TAC100-OTH, protects your ears with electronic technology. Comes in a pack of 4.
3M 7010332406 - Peltor™ Sport Banded Style Hearing Protector 97065-00001 is a sporting goods product designed to protect your ears during activities.
3M 7010336978 - Peltor™ Sport RangeGuard™ Earmuff, RG-OTH-4, 4/CV is a hearing protection device designed for shooting sports.
3M 7010377798 - Peltor™ Sport RangeGuard™ Earmuff in Gray, model RG-OTH-1-W, sold as 1 per package.
3M 7100088577 - Peltor™ Sport Bull's Eye™ Hearing Protector provides 27 NRR for noise reduction. Model number 97041-PEL-6C.