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Specialty Terminal Blocks

Specialty terminal blocks offer additional features and functionality not found in standard connectors and are tailored to meet the needs of various industries. Automating assembly and production lines, power distribution and control networks, telecommunications infrastructure, and even solar energy generation are just some of the environments that benefit from the utilization of these advanced terminal block forms.

One kind of specialty terminal block is the fuse terminal block. At the connection point, it has a built-in fuse. Having the fuse inside the terminal block makes it easy to design electrical panels and increases safety because now each circuit has its own dedicated fuse.

Disconnect terminal blocks allow you to easily isolate circuits without the need to remove any wires. The block is configured with a lever or switch that can be moved to open the electrical connection, which, of course, is a useful feature from a maintenance standpoint—it enables the unit to undergo operational and/or functional tests that it might have to perform once or more a year.