Specialty Terminal Blocks

Branch terminal blocks are used to branch flat copper busbars in switchgear.

Component terminal blocks work with other individual components, making them the most customizable terminal blocks. 

Device terminal blocks are feed-through terminal blocks designed for use in potentially explosive areas. 

Disconnect terminal blocks are designed for applications where each circuit needs individual protection. 

Distribution terminal blocks connect in a number of different positions, mounting options and colors with up to 18 terminal points. 

High current terminal blocks are rated up to 1500 V and can receive large conductors. 

Installation terminal blocks have a low-profile design for flat installation distributors. 

Miniature terminal blocks are designed for space-limited control cabinets. There are horizontal connections for flat cabinets and vertical connections for limited space. 

Multi-conductor terminal blocks can connect up to four conductors with individual wiring at each terminal point. 

Panel feed-through terminal blocks route high currents permanently through panels. 

Potential collective terminal blocks are a hybrid terminal block with two different connection types. 

Thermoelectric terminal blocks are used to extend thermocouple equalizing conductors in corresponding measuring circuits. 

Fuse terminal blocks add a layer of protection with easy to access fuse inserts.