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Industrial Radio Accessories

GE’s MDS is an end-to-end industrial wireless communication provider which carries serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, as well as analog and digital I/O signals connected to field sensors and devices, accommodating an extensive variety of industrial protocols. GE’s MDS wireless radios have been rated and tested to harsh specifications and operate over licensed and unlicensed narrowband communication in a variety of frequencies. MDS radio accessories include: radio DIN rail mounts, cable assemblies, adapters, conversion kits, power supplies, filters, hand held programmers and external serial encryption assemblies.

Phoenix Contact Radioline wireless radios are ideal for large systems. The Radioline system transmits data and signals over several kilometers with devices available with a wide range of frequencies. Radioline transmits IO signals as well as serial data and is therefore very versatile. Data transmission is reliable and secure utilizing frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) and encryption according to advanced encryption standard (AES). Radioline radio accessories include: multipoint multiplexers, configurations sticks and programming cables.

Freewave radios are designed for seamless integration into networks that require reliable link performance and support low power, long range machine-to-machine communications. Freewave radios transfer data in noisy, challenging environments covering over 60+ mile distances. By utilizing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, Freewave provides an alternative to expensive Wi-Fi bandwidth, cellular or fiber. Freewave radios accessories include: radio DIN rail mounts, cable assemblies, adapters, filters and power supplies.


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Radioline - configuration stick for easy and safe network addressing for the 900 MHz wireless module (RAD-900-...), unique network ID, RF band 1
MDS 03-2198A05 Telco Type 6ft RJ 12 Cable
Phoenix Contact RAD-RS485-IFS Radioline RS-485 multipoint Multiplexer for I/O signals. Up to 99 stations, range up to 1.2 km. Can be combined with Radioline wireless system or used a Modbus RTU coupler.
MDS 03-4696A01 Conversion Kit Digital x710 to SDx. Retrofit kit. Contains adapters and connectors needed to facilitate the replacement of an existing MDS x710A to SD radio.
FreeWave Installation kit includes: Adalet housing (9.5"w x 11.5"h x 4"d); solar controller; 7 amp hour battery; 5 watt solar panel; cables and mounting hardware. Assembled. Radio and antenna are not included.
FreeWave Null Modem adapter, 9 Pin Male to 9 Pin Female.
MDS MDS 02-1501A01 Handheld Programmer for Transceivers like 9810 radios.
MDS Mount Standard Mounting Brkt for NET Radios (2 Per)
FreeWave Din Rail Adapter for FreeWave new style enclosed radios including the FGR2 and LRS455.
FreeWave Din Rail Adapter for FreeWave board radios, HT plus radios, and FGR radios in brick style.
Phoenix Contact RAD-CABLE-USB Radioline Programming Cable for communicating between PC's and Phoenix Contact devices. IFS to USB 2 meters long.