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Push Buttons, Switches & Signaling Devices

Push buttons are mechanical switches that open or close one or more circuits to control an aspect of a machine or process. Push button switches are typically used to start or stop a process, with the switch being in a normally-opened or a normally-closed position. An indication light can be included in the push button to show the state of the switch.

Indication and signaling are devices that give an audible or visual indication of the status of a situation that needs attention. Examples include: beacons, buzzers, pilot lights, signal towers, sounder horns and strobes.

Selector switches are mechanical switches that open or close electrical contacts by rotating the handle right, left or center. These switches normally come in 2-position or 3-position options and with or without keys.

Foot switches or foot pedals are devices that are used to open or close an electrical circuit by pressing a pedal with a user’s foot, making them ideal for a hands-free operation.