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Modicon PLCs & Accessories

Programmable Login Controllers (PLCs) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) are industrial computers that are built and designed for manufacturing environments. They are the brains of the operations, providing highly reliable control of automation equipment. All automation systems are built with a PLC or PAC to control individual machines or stations. Determining which one to use comes down to the process’s complexities and scalability.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are computer control systems that detect the state of all input devices connected to it, make a decision based on a user-created program and then, output commands to any devices connected to it. PLCs monitor, control and communicate automated processes and act as the physical interface between devices and a SCADA or HMI system. PLCs are best suited for simpler processes and smaller automation projects that do not require rapid scalability. They are ideal for both simple and high-speed machine control and can be found in assembly equipment, motion control and dispensing systems.

Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) can be used to communicate, monitor and control equipment across multiple devices and networks. They utilize network technologies and standard protocols such as Ethernet, Structured Query Language (SQL) and OLE for Process Control (OPC). PACs provide more flexibility in programming, larger memory and better scalability for future expansion. They are useful in systems that have a high percentage of analog IO and can be implemented in systems with extensive network interface requirements. PACs often handle higher levels of coordinated motion such as dual axes and multi-axis motion. They are also well-suited for vision applications, including vision-guided motion.