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Towers & Direct Embedded Poles

Direct embedded poles or direct burial poles, eliminate the need for anchor bases and are installed directly into the ground. This results in a cleaner look while also saving time and money. A longer pole is required for embedded installation to accommodate for the length buried in the ground.

Guyed towers are lightweight to heavyweight structures constructed with truss rods aligned in a triangular form that are supported with an array of guy lines. They are the preferred tower for wireless applications such as cellular, wireless internet and broadcast because they are designed to provide maximum strength, versatility, and ease of installation.

Bracketed towers can be installed next to buildings using brackets to secure the tower in one or two points along the height of the building. Bracketed towers are commonly used for broadband, two-way communication, security and small dishes when the weight-bearing load restrictions prohibit installation on the roof of a structure. This way, it can rise above the structure as a self-supporting tower without guy wires or a large base support.

Fold-over towers allow access to top mounted components by lowering the top portion of the tower to the ground level. Maintenance and replacements can be performed safely and when completed, the tower is returned to the upright position and locked into place.

Self-supporting towers are generally three or four sided lattice type structures and are ideal for limited-space installations. The versatility of self-supporting towers make them ideal for cellular, wireless, meteorological, radio, broadcast and so on.


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Rohn TTFBH-C-P Climbing Harness Professional
Rohn RSL90AH20 Rsl Tower 90 Ft-Section 2 -10 Hd
Rohn RSL80AH30 Rsl Tower 80 Ft-Section 3 - 10 Hd
Rohn RSL80AH29 Rsl Tower 80 Ft-Section 2 - 9 Hd
Rohn RSL80AH18 Rsl Tower 80 Ft-Section 1 - 8 Hd
Rohn RSL70AH40 Rsl Tower 70 Ft-Section 4 - 10 Hd
Rohn RSL70AH39 Rsl Tower 70 Ft-Section 3 - 9 Hd
Rohn RSL70AH28 Rsl Tower 70 Ft-Section 2 - 8 Hd
Rohn RSL70AH17 Rsl Tower 70 Ft-Section 1 - 7 Hd
Rohn RSL60AH50 Rsl Tower 60 Ft-Section 5 - 10 Hd
Rohn RSL60AH49 Rsl Tower 60 Ft-Section 4 - 9 Hd
Rohn RSL60AH16 Rsl Tower 60 Ft-Section 1 - 6 Hd