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Audio, Data & Video Cable & Accessories

Audio, data, and video cables are essential components in various electronic and communication systems, connecting devices and facilitating the transmission of different types of signals.

Audio Cables are used to transmit sound signals between devices. These include cables like RCA, 3.5mm, and XLR, each designed for specific audio applications ranging from consumer electronics to professional sound equipment. They can carry analog signals and, in some cases like digital optical cables, digital signals as well.

Data Cables are crucial for data communication in computer networks and telecommunications. Examples include Ethernet cables (like Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7), USB cables, and fiber optic cables. These cables are designed to handle high-speed data transmission with varying capacities and are essential for internet connectivity, office networks, and data centers.

Video Cables transmit video signals and are integral to home entertainment systems, broadcasting, and digital signage. Common types include HDMI, which supports high-definition video and audio; DisplayPort, often used for computer monitors; and older standards like VGA and composite video, which are less common in modern applications due to their lower quality compared to newer technologies.

Each type of cable is designed with specific shielding, conductors, and connectors to optimize performance and reduce signal interference, ensuring reliable and clear transmission suited to the demands of the audio, data, or video signals they carry.


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Cable STACK-T4-50CM - Cisco Type 4 Data Stack Cable, 50CM, Refurbished, STACK-T4-50CM
Cable STACK-T4-3M - Cisco Type 4 Data Stack Cable, 3 Meter, Refurbished, STACK-T4-3M
Cable STACK-T4-1M - Cisco Type 4 Data Stack Cable, 1 Meter, Refurbished, STACK-T4-1M
Cable STACK-T2-50CM - Cisco 50CM Type 2 Stacking Cable, STACK-T2-50CM, Refurbished, Original
Cable STACK-T2-3M - Cisco 3M Type 2 Stacking Cable, STACK-T2-3M, Refurbished, Original, STACK-T2-3M
Cable STACK-T2-1M - Cisco StackWise-160 stacking cable for the 3650 Series Switches, 1 Meter, STACK-T2-1M
Cable STACK-T1-50CM - Cisco Stackwise-480 Stacking Cable, 50CM, STACK-T1-50CM, Refurbished, Original
Cable STACK-T1-3M - Cisco Stackwise-480 Stacking Cable, 3 M, STACK-T1-3M, Refurbished, Original
Cable STACK-T1-1M - Cisco Stackwise-480 Stacking Cable, 1M, STACK-T1-1M, Refurbished, Original
Cable SPK-MM35-06 - Audio Aux Cable with 3.5mm Male/Male Connectors, 6'
Cable SFP-H10GB-CU7M - Cisco 10GBASE-CU Twin-Ax SFP+ Passive Cable, 7M, New, Compatible
Cable SFP-H10GB-CU5M - Cisco 10GBASE-CU Twin-Ax SFP+ Passive Cable, 5M, Refurbished, Original