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Cellular Communication

Cellular networks are high-speed, high-capacity voice and data communication networks with seamless roaming capabilities for supporting cellular devices. These networks are used for more than just phone calls and entertainment. They have become the primary means of communication for vehicle, public safety, industrial, enterprise and private industries.

Vehicle cellular networking increases safety and performance by providing access to productivity tools anytime, anywhere, specifically for trains, buses, utility vehicles, delivery trucks and service vehicles. 5G and 4G LTE based vehicle area network (VAN) routers are military/industry-certified to perform in extreme environments and are designed to handle wide temperature ranges, moisture, vibration and power fluctuations common when running from vehicle power. They deliver VPN security and connect over multiple carriers.

Public Safety cellular networking provides increased first responder and citizen safety by ensuring accountability and accelerating collaboration between law enforcement, emergency services, EMS, fire and utility vehicles. They operate on special cellular bands reserved for first responders (AT&T FirstNet) and deliver VPN security and connect over multiple carriers.

Industrial cellular networking enables real-time monitoring, management and control of critical infrastructure and remote machinery, including, smart grid, meters, pipelines, industrial equipment and automation and control systems. These routers operate 24/7 and often work on solar or battery power.

Enterprise cellular networking connects retail and business environments, such as retail stores, kiosks, POS, digital signage and security systems. 

Private cellular networking increases coverage and enhances security compared to Wi-Fi and public LTE for specific cases including, mining, shipping ports, warehouses, airports and smart cities. Private cellular routers can cover large areas without the need for multiple Wi-Fi routers.


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Peplink SVL-SIM-MINI-2Y EssentialCare 2-Year - SIM Injector Mini
Peplink SVL-SIM-MINI-1Y EssentialCare 1-Year - SIM Injector Mini
Peplink SVL-EXM-MINI-LORA-2Y EssentialCare 2-Year - Flex Module LoRaWAN
Peplink SVL-EXM-MINI-LORA-1Y EssentialCare 1-Year - Flex Module LoRaWAN
Peplink SVL-BPL-SDX-PRO-M2-2TB-2Y EssentialCare 2-Year - SDX Pro 2TB
Peplink SVL-BPL-SDX-PRO-M2-2TB-1Y EssentialCare 1-Year - SDX Pro 2TB
Peplink SVL-BPL-SDX-PRO-M2-1TB-2Y EssentialCare 2-Year - SDX Pro 1TB
Peplink SVL-BPL-SDX-PRO-M2-1TB-1Y EssentialCare 1-Year - SDX Pro 1TB
Peplink SVL-APP-AX-IP67-2Y EssentialCare 2-Year - EXM 310X GLTEA
Peplink SVL-APP-AX-IP67-1Y EssentialCare 1-Year - BR1 M2M LTE
Peplink ECP-SIM-BK8-4Y EssentialCare+ 4-Year - SIM Injector
Peplink ECP-SIM-BK8-2Y EssentialCare+ 2-Year - SIM Injector