Motors & Motor Control

An Industrial Electrical Motor is an electro-mechanical device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy by producing a rotating force. They are used to power equipment and machinery in all industries.

A Motor Starter is an electro-magnetic switch that starts and stops motors in a safe manner. Also starters protects the motor from drawing too much current and overheating. Starters have Contactors that control the electrical current to the motor.

A Soft Starter works like a starter only it limits the voltage to the motor when starting to reduce the inrush current and torque to provide a more gradual ramp up to full speed. This can help protect the motor and equipment from  uncontrolled shock and damage over time.

A VFD also known as a Variable Frequency Drive is much like a soft starter in that it reduces the torque and starts more gradually. A VFD also allows you to control the motor speed at all times so it doesn't always have to run at full speed. With the lowered inrush current and running the the motor at lower speeds can increase the longevity of  the motor and equipment and save up to 50 % in energy costs.