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Welding Protection

3M's welding protection solutions are engineered to provide comprehensive safety and comfort for welders across various industries. These products include welding helmets, respirators, and other protective gear designed to shield users from hazards such as intense light, heat, and harmful fumes. 3M’s Speedglas™ Welding Helmets are renowned for their advanced auto-darkening filters that adjust to the brightness of the welding arc, offering optimal visibility and protection. These helmets also feature ergonomic designs and customizable fit options, ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged use. Additionally, 3M's integrated respiratory protection solutions, such as the Adflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), provide reliable breathing protection by filtering out hazardous particles and fumes commonly encountered during welding tasks.

Beyond just helmets and respirators, 3M's welding protection gear includes accessories like welding curtains and blankets that help create safer working environments by containing sparks and splatter. The emphasis on durability and ease of use makes these products suitable for demanding welding applications in industries like manufacturing, construction, and automotive repair. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, 3M ensures that its welding protection solutions not only meet safety standards but also enhance the productivity and well-being of welders.


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3M 7100268521 - 3M Speedglas™ G5 Series Passive Filter Assembly 46-0000-P10 is a Shade 10 filter. Each case contains 1 filter.
3M 7100259575 - 3M Speedglas™ G5-01 Heavy Duty Welding Helmet with 3M with V-100 Vortex™ Cooling Valve Assembly and carry bag.
3M 7000126799 - Replacement hard hat with headgear only. (Does not include auto darkening filter, welding hood or strap.)
3M 7100259401 - G5-01 Inner Shield with Airduct, Airflow Controls, and Visor Frame.
3M 7100261325 - Replacement Batteries for your 3M Adflo™ powered respirators and Speedglas™ Welding Helmets.
3M 7100291856 Hard Hat Adapter is an essential accessory for professional welders. Designed to be compatible with 3M's 100 Series and 9002NC welding helmets, it provides convenient headgear for enhanced safety. This adapter ensures a tight and secure fit, delivering maximum protection during welding activities. Manufactured by 3M, a trusted brand known for their high-quality products, this Hard Hat Adapter is a reliable choice for professionals in need of reliable welding equipment.
3M 7100291855 Hard Hat Adapter is a high-quality product designed for professional users. It is specifically made to securely attach hard hats to welding helmets, making it ideal for welding applications. This adapter is compatible with the 3M 9100 Series welding helmet, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. With 3M's reputation for top-notch products, this hard hat adapter guarantees excellent quality and durability. Improve safety and comfort on the job with the 3M Hard Hat Adapter.
3M 7100289276 is a compatible welding helmet suitable for G5-01 Welding Helmets. This high-quality product is made by 3M, a trusted brand in the industry. With its reliable performance and durability, it provides excellent protection during welding processes. Ensure safety and comfort with this 3M welding helmet, designed to enhance your welding experience.
3M 7100289275 is a durable Ratchet Assembly product designed to enhance welding helmet functionality. Specifically compatible with G5-01 Welding Helmets, it allows for quick and easy adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Manufactured by 3M, a reputable company known for quality products, this ratchet assembly is an essential accessory for welders seeking superior convenience and reliability.
3M 7100282441 Backpack is a professional-grade accessory compatible with 3M PAPR Systems, such as the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator. It is ideal for welding processes like grinding, MIG/Mag, Stick, MIG/MAG, TIG >1A, Plasma, TIG, and Tack Welding. The backpack includes a harness and attachment plate, ensuring ease of use and comfort. However, it is not compatible with the 3M Supplied Air System. Overall, this 3M product offers excellent functionality and convenience for professionals in various welding applications.
3M 7100259848 is a professional-grade welding helmet with a grinding visor. It features an auto-darkening filter with a viewing area of 73mm x 107mm, providing clear vision during various welding processes such as grinding, MIG/Mag, MMAW, TIG, and tack welding. The helmet comes with a CR2032 battery with a life of up to 1800 hours and offers five sensitivity levels. With its heavy-duty construction and three sensors, it ensures optimal protection and durability. The 3M 7100259848 also offers side windows, a front panel, and a comfortable headband for enhanced convenience.