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Smart Relays

Smart relays are small-scale PLCs that are ideal controllers for simple automation tasks. They generally feature a timer, counter, relay output and auxiliary contact. Some smart relays include LCD screens for easy programming and display. Smart relays can be used for applications such as lighting control, pump control, level control, HVAC, packaging machines and industry manufacturing.

IDEC SafetyOne FS1A safety controllers can replace up to six safety relay modules without any programming. They are easily configured by turning a dip switch to 1 of 24 predefined logic circuits. One module can connect with various IDEC safety and non-safety components such as Interlock Switches, Emergency Stop switches, sensors, pilot lights and light curtains. The FS1A safety controller features up to 6 dual channel safety inputs, 4 safety outputs and multiple non-safety inputs, monitor, blanking and solenoid drive outputs.


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Safety circuit can be configured with 24 pre-programmed logics. Mode selection, partial/entire stop can be achieved. One SafetyOne module can connect with various safety inputs such as emergency stop switches and light curtains. The status of safety I/Os and the SafetyOne errors can be monitored.
Schneider SR2E121B Zelio Smart Relay 24 VAC 16 I/O With Clock Complete Unit 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs 0 analog inputs . This Smart Relay is built to be compact and easy to use and to provide basic control functionality without needing a high end PLC.