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Panel Hardware

Din rails are metal rails that can be installed inside an enclosure to securely attach industrial and electrical components. For example: terminal blocks, power supplies, circuit breakers, etc. Din rails have conformed to a universal industry standard for widths and shapes of mounting hardware. Because of this, components can simply slide or snap into place on the rail without having to mount each one separately.

Unistrut or strut channels are standardized metal structures that have an open channel and pre-drilled holes in the base for attaching to underlying structures or to other hardware. This creates a sturdy structure for attaching and supporting panel boxes, electrical conduits, cables and other similar equipment.

Wire ducts are unbending trays that guide and separate wires and cables throughout an enclosure or control panel. They have fingers on the sides that can be removed to create wider slot openings for cables that need to be added or rerouted. Wire ducts are an ideal way to organize wires and cables in tight spaces while also providing protection and a neat appearance.