Industrial PCs & HMI Screens

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a software application that presents information to an operator and allows the operator to interact with a device. The term HMI is most commonly used in reference to an industrial process. HMIs in industrial settings can be a screen display mounted on a machine, touchscreens, push buttons, computer keyboards or multi-touch-enabled control panels. All of these methods allow the operator to interact with the connected devices, machines or systems.

HMI systems in industrial environments need to withstand harsh conditions and in the past, desktop computers with a mouse and keyboard were the only options. They lacked the durability and longevity required. With the advancements in technology over the years, there are many more options available for HMI systems that can be customized to fit any industrial application. 

HMI screens help to optimize an industrial process by digitizing and displaying data for an operator. HMI systems communicate with controllers and IO sensors to receive information, and the HMI screen displays the information for operators to interact with. Some HMI screens can be used for a single function (monitoring and tracking progress) or for performing more complicated operations (increasing production speed or turning machines on and off). Advanced HMI touchscreens offer an enhanced user experience when interacting with the ever increasing complexities of industrial applications.

Industrial PCs are engineered to endure the harsh environments found in many industrial fields. They have a ventless, hardshell design to protect internal components from dust and airborne particles, as well as extensive IO options to effectively communicate with other devices. Industrial PCs are increasing being selected over general commercial grade computers for their ability to run HMI applications. 

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Kit for Panel PC 12" (Battery & 3m cable)
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 4 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15"/W15"/W19"/W22"
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 2 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15",W15"/W19"/W22"
HMIBM Fan Kit for PCI/PCIe over 3W. To maximum 6w for 2 cards or 10W for 1 card
Additional Serial Line Interface with terminator resistance for Panel PC 12"
Interface Mini PCIe Graphic video card Full HD with 2VGA + DVI-D connectors