HMI Screens & Industrial PC's

RSP Supply carries a wide variety of HMI screens and industrial PCs from Schneider Electric.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Kit for Panel PC 12" (Battery & 3m cable)
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 4 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15"/W15"/W19"/W22"
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 2 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15",W15"/W19"/W22"
HMIBM Fan Kit for PCI/PCIe over 3W. To maximum 6w for 2 cards or 10W for 1 card
Additional Serial Line Interface with terminator resistance for Panel PC 12"
Interface Mini PCIe Graphic video card Full HD with 2VGA + DVI-D connectors