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Safety Switches

Pilot devices provide control and condition monitoring of different types of processes, equipment and machinery in industrial and commercial applications. They are used for communication from a machine to an operator or from an operator to a machine. Pilot devices can be an audio or visual indicator, or an actuator that is used to control the flow of energy to a process. Visual indicators are: pilot lights, signal towers, strobes and beacons. Audio indictors are: buzzers and sounder horns. Actuators are: push buttons, selector switches, toggle switches and potentiometers.

Selector switches are devices that have a handle that can be rotated in two, three or more positions. As the handle rotates, a plunger is pushed inward to make or break contacts that are mounted on the back. Selector switches can be used to switch a process on or off, from low speed to high speed, auto to manual and many more depending on the application.

Emergency stop buttons are fail-safe control switches. When an emergency occurs, an operator will press the button to begin the e-stop sequence. The button will mechanically actuate a normally closed contact, which will open the circuit. The power supply to the equipment will be disconnected, ensuring that the equipment stays off until manually reactivated. Reactivating the device can be performed by a pulling motion, a rotating motion or turning a key. Emergency stop buttons are often required for the safety of operators and machinery.

Proximity switches are devices that open or close an electrical circuit when a proximity sensor detects the presence or absence of an object. Proximity sensors are designed to detect objects without physical contact. They are often used in industrial automation applications for object detection, positioning, counting and inspection.


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IDEC HS9Z-ZP1 - Replacement actuator
IDEC HS7A-DMP7015 - 2NO+1NC contacts, 5m cable, with LED indicator
IDEC HS7A-DMP7005 - 2NO+1NC contacts, 5m cable
IDEC HS7A-DMP7012 - 2NO+1NC contacts, 2m cable, with LED indicator
IDEC HS7A-DMP7002 - 2NO+1NC contacts, 2m cable
IDEC HS7A-DMP5015 - 1NO+2NC contacts, 5m cable, with LED indicator
IDEC HS7A-DMP5005 - 1NO+2NC contacts, 5m cable
IDEC HS7A-DMP5012 - 1NO+2NC contacts, 2m cable, with LED indicator
IDEC HS9Z-ZC1 - Replacement Actuator
IDEC HS7A-DMC7915 - 2NO contacts, 5m cable, with LED indicator
IDEC HS7A-DMC7905 - 2NO contacts, 5m cable
IDEC HS7A-DMC7912 - 2NO contacts, 2m cable, with LED indicator