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Industrial Safety Equipment

Safety gateways act as a portal between two programs to communicate by converting the protocol of one device to a suitable protocol for the other device. This single point of access can help to monitor safety functions, such as, speed, emergency stop signals, light grids, safety door locks, shut off mats, and so on.

Safety pilot lights are devices that provide a visual indicator about the operating status of industrial equipment. Colored lenses provide information about about changing conditions, on/off status and alarm signals.

Safety PLCs perform the same way as standard PLCs but are certified to meet international safety standards with the purpose of controlling safety-related functions. They continuously monitor various inputs and outputs to detect any fault or failure. When a failure occurs, the PLC will shut down in a safe and predictable way.

Safety relays are electromechanical switching devices that are designed to implement safety functions and reduce risk. When an error occurs or a detection zone is violated, the safety relay will initiate a safe and reliable response.

Safety signal conditioners are devices that convert one type of electronic input signal into a different type of output signal. At the same time, they provide important safety functions, such as, protecting equipment from high voltages, high-frequency coupling and short circuits.