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Enclosure Accessories

Enclosure air conditioners and fans are needed when equipment within the enclosure produces heat or the temperature outside affects the internal temperature. Enclosure air conditioners and fans are designed to maintain a set temperature within the enclosure.

Enclosure heaters protect equipment within an enclosure from freezing and moisture buildup which can result in corrosion or complete failure. 

Cable management is vital when setting up or installing an electrical enclosure. Choosing the proper cable managers, ladder rack systems, wireways, etc. will ensure that everything is organized, easy to access and identify when it comes time to expand, modify or perform maintenance on the system.

Backplates, Windows, Doors and Shields are used to customize an enclosure to fit a specific application or environment. Backplates are used to install components to the walls enclosures, windows and doors provide easy visibility and access to the enclosure and shields protect enclosures from sun, rain or dripping chemicals.

Network cabinets and racks house communication, server, network and other IT equipment. They are designed to manage network cables easily, provide proper ventilation and open in the front and the back for easy access.