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Embedded Switch Kits

Embedded systems are devices designed to perform a specific application or function within a larger system. They are typically composed of a processor, memory storage, power supply and communication ports. They communicate with nearby components using actuators and sensors and will only perform designated functions after receiving the correct response. Embedded systems usually perform control and monitoring functions such as controlling switches and motors and gathering and reporting sensor readings. 

A switch is a device in a network that manages the flow of data between different networked devices. Each networked device connected to the switch can be identified by its network address, allowing the switch to direct the data to the correct destination efficiently and securely.

Embedded Ethernet switches can be integrated directly into a field device  for additional switch and networking functions. They provide gigabit switching technology for three Ethernet rates (100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps). They utilize ports that identify the speed of each device on the network and respond accordingly when transmitting information. Embedded ethernet switches are a cost-effective solution for upgrading and expanding existing devices in many industrial applications. They are a space-saving solution for many areas, such as remote terminal units in wind turbines, control equipment in trains and safety devices in transformer stations.


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Hirschmann 942049001 EES Development Kit
Hirschmann 942050003 EES25-0600UHIHPH2E
Hirschmann 942050001 EES20-0600UHIHSH2E