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Electromechanical Relays

Electromechanical relays are devices that use both electrical and mechanical components to switch electrical circuits on and off. The relay consists of a wire coil, a magnetic core, and one or more sets of contacts. When an electrical current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created which moves the armature and attached spring, closing or opening the contacts and allowing current to flow through or be interrupted in the circuit.

Relays are commonly used in industrial applications for machine control and switching solutions. They can be designed for harsh environments and heavy-duty use, and their life expectancy can vary depending on the intended use and contact type. There are slightly different technologies used in relays, such as solid state relays and reed relays.

Electromechanical relays have some major differences from solid state relays, which use solid state components instead of mechanical contacts. One major difference is that electromechanical relays have moving contacts, which can experience contact resistance and wear over time. They can also have time delays in switching due to the armature movement. However, electromechanical relays can often reduce cost compared to solid state relays, especially for heavy-duty applications.


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Phoenix 1032526 Plug-in industrial relay with power contacts, 2 changeover contacts, test button, status LED, mechanical switch position indicator, input voltage: 24 V DC
Eaton 8794C81G01 - VCP-WR undervoltage relay, 48 Vdc
Eaton 8794C81G03 - VCP-WR undervoltage relay, 250 Vdc
Eaton 8794C81G02 - VCP-WR undervoltage relay, 125 Vdc
Eaton 8794C81G04 - VCP-WR undervoltage relay, 120 Vac
Eaton 691C274G04 - VCP-W undervoltage relay, 120 Vac
Eaton 691C274G01 - VCP-W undervoltage relay, Used with VCPW MV breakers
Eaton XRR1H230U - High Current Terminal Block Replacement Relay, Single Pole, Double Throw
Eaton XRU1D24 - Single Pole, Double Throw Screw Connection, Standard Terminal Block Relays, 24 Vdc/Vdc
Eaton XRU1D120UG - Single Pole, Double Throw Screw Connection, Standard Terminal Block Relays, 120V, 110 Vdc, 6A, Gold-plated contacts
Eaton XRR2D120U - TB RELAY 120VAC/110VDC - Double Pole, Double Throw
Eaton XRR1D24 - Standard Replacement Relays, Single Pole, Double Throw, 24 Vdc, 6A