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Beijer PLCs & Accessories

Beijer Electronics offers a range of PLCs that are well-regarded for their flexibility, reliability, and integration capabilities. Their PLC product line, including the Nexto series, is designed to support various industrial automation needs.

The Nexto modular PLC, which is part of Beijer's offering, supports the company's philosophy of open and transparent solutions. This flexibility allows the same control project to be applied across different Beijer Electronics products, adapting even to projects initially developed for other brands of CODESYS-based systems. This cross-compatibility is beneficial for systems that require integration of multiple devices and platforms.

Beijer's PLCs are known for their robust performance and are often utilized in demanding industrial environments. They are equipped with advanced features that enhance their efficiency and usability in complex automation tasks. The PLCs are also supported by Beijer's BCS Tools, a CODESYS-based software platform that facilitates project engineering of all controllers and PLCs within their product range.

Beijer's PLCs seamlessly integrate with other devices, such as HMI panels and various communication modules, ensuring comprehensive solutions for automation challenges. These PLCs can be programmed and managed using Beijer’s own software tools, which provide a rich user interface and powerful programming capabilities.


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RTB 18SF M type, system, field power, 18 points removable terminal block (12 pcs)
RTB 18F M type, field power, 18 points removable terminal block (12 pcs)
RTB 18C M type, 18 points removable terminal block (12 pcs)
ACC-END-C M type, end module (8 pcs)
BCM-B M type, backplane connector module, I/O type (4 pcs)
BCM-A M type, backplane connector module, dual type (1 pcs)
M7001 System, redundancy and field distribution power module, 24VDC, cage clamp, RTB18C
M5914 4 channel HART Master, current input, 4~20mA, 16 bits, cage clamp, RTB18C
M5232 2 channel serieal interface (RS485), half duplex, cage clamp, RTB18C
M5222 2 channel serial interface (RS 422), full duplex, cage clamp, RTB18C
M5212 2 channel serial interface (RS232), full duplex, 300 ~ 115 200 bps, cage clamp, RTB18C
M4468 8 analog outputs, 0~10VDC, 16 bits, cage clamp, RTB18C