Network Racks & Cabinets

Network communication is the backbone of many industrial automation processes. Networks rapidly and securely transfer data between devices, PLCs and computers through servers, routers, modems and cables. It is important to have a safe and secure place to house IT equipment which also allows for easy access and provides an efficient use of space.

Network cabinets and racks are designed to organize and protect IT equipment in an industrial environment. The three main design options to consider are: rack enclosures, wall-mount racks and open frame racks.

Rack enclosures or rack cabinets are designed for heavy, high wattage equipment that usually runs at hotter temperatures. The enclosures have vented front and rear doors that provides ample airflow. The removable side panels and front and rear doors are attached to adjustable mounting rails and lock for added security. These type of enclosures are a popular choice for server rooms and data centers.

Wall-mount racks can be attached to the wall to save floor space or rolling casters can be added to create a movable floor-standing rack. These racks are usually smaller and can’t support as much weight as rack enclosures.

Open frame racks do not have sides or doors and are usually used for applications that don’t need to control airflow or provide security. They are ideal for equipment with high-density cabling providing easy access and open space for cable management.

Network seismic products provide protection for IT equipment during zone 4 seismic activity as well as areas that may be subject to high vibration.

Network outside plant products are designed specifically for housing network equipment in outdoor environments. The cabinets are made of aluminum to provide long lasting protection and are mounted on a pad foundation.