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Network Racks & Cabinets

Network racks and cabinets are essential infrastructure components in data centers, IT environments, and even in home server setups, providing organized, secure, and efficient housing for critical networking equipment. These structures are designed to support a wide range of devices such as servers, patch panels, routers, switches, and UPS systems, facilitating airflow, cable management, and easy access for maintenance.

Network racks offer open frames or enclosed spaces, with the latter known as network cabinets. Cabinets provide added security and protection for the equipment, often featuring lockable front and rear doors, as well as side panels. The choice between racks and cabinets depends on the specific needs of the installation, including considerations for passive cooling, physical security, and the degree of accessibility required.

Server racks are measured in rack units (RU or U), a standard height unit that helps in determining the amount of equipment that can be mounted. This modularity ensures that racks and cabinets can accommodate various equipment sizes, optimizing space and streamlining the setup.