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Solar Panel Mounts

An off-grid solar system must have all the necessary equipment to generate, supply and store solar energy onsite. Off-grid solar systems are also referred to as standalone solar power systems, as they operate without a connection to any external power source. Off-grid solar systems are made up of 12 volt solar panels (or modules) that can be used individually or combined into a single array. The solar panels use a solar charge controller to send power to charge solar batteries and a solar inverter to convert direct current (DC), which the solar panel generates, to useable alternating current (AC). Off-grid solar systems are ideal for remote rural areas and applications where power sources are either impractical or unavailable.

Solar panels must be mounted on a stable, durable structure that can support the panel and withstand, wind, hail, rain and corrosion over many years. There are three common ways of mounting solar panels. Roof mounting places the solar panel on a building or other structure. Pole mounting places the solar panel on a pole secured in the ground with concrete. Ground mounting places the solar panel on concrete piers closer to the ground for stability. 

Mounted solar panels should be tilted at a fixed angle determined by the local latitude, the orientation of the structure and the electrical load requirements. Solar panels mounted in the northern hemisphere are pointed due south and inclined at an angle equal to the local latitude. 


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RDA 52040-BBrace Kit for 52040 Solar Panel Bracket
RDA 52060 175/200W Fixed Solar Panel Bracket w/ Brace Kit 1ea of MPN 52040 & 52040-B
RDA 52050 Dual Solar Panel Bracket (100-200W)
RDA 52043 65/100-12 Watt Solar Panel Bracket
RDA 52042 50/55/65/80 Watt Fixed Solar Panel Bracket
RDA 52040 100/135/150 Watt Fixed Solar Panel Bracket
RDA 52025 50W Off Grid Solar Panel Bracket
RDA 52020 10/20/35W Off Grid Solar Panel Bracket
Mount for 110-140 Watt BP and Alps Solar Panels.
Pole Mount for 40 Watt BP Panels
Pole Mount for 5-10 Watt BPSX Panels