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Sensors are critical components in a myriad of industrial, commercial, and environmental applications, each type designed to measure specific parameters and provide vital data.

Air quality and gas detection sensors are essential in monitoring environmental and occupational safety. They detect and quantify various gases and air pollutants, like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds. These sensors are crucial in industries like manufacturing and mining for ensuring worker safety and in urban areas for monitoring pollution levels.

Conveyor sensors are integral to material handling and automation. They monitor the position, speed, and alignment of items on conveyor systems, ensuring efficient processing and packaging in manufacturing plants. These sensors help in automating production lines, reducing manual errors, and increasing throughput.

Current sensors play a pivotal role in electrical and electronic systems. They measure the amount of current flowing through a conductor, providing data for power management, overload protection, and energy-efficient operation. These sensors are widely used in power supplies, battery management systems, and in renewable energy applications.