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Soft Starter Accessories

Motors require a great amount of energy when rapidly accelerating to full speed. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) and soft starters can be used to reduce inrush currents and limit torque. This reduces wear and tear caused by frequent starts and stops extending the life of the motor.

Soft starters are solid-state devices that protect electric motors from damage caused by limiting the inrush of current associated with motor startup. They ramp up the initial voltage to the the motor producing a gentle climb to full speed. Soft starters typically use a series of thyristors or silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to reduce the voltage. In the normal “on" state, the SCRs allow current while in the normal “off” state, the SCRs restrict current. The SCRs are engaged during ramp up, and bypass contactors are used after maximum speed is reached. This significantly reduces motor heating.

Soft starters are a cost-effective choice for applications that require torque and speed control during motor startup. Soft starters can be utilized in conveyer belt applications where a gradual startup can prevent misalignment and stress to the belt’s drive components. They can also be used on motors that control pump applications where there is often a risk of power surges.


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NAE SS-ADXL-EXP8004 - Fan for Frame Size 1 and 2
NAE SS-ADXL-EXP8003 - DIN Guide Kit for Frame Size 1 and 2
NAE SS-ADXL-EXCRDU1 - Remote Display Unit
NAE SS-ADXL-EXCM3G01 - External RS485 Gateway/3G Modem
NAE SS-ADXL-EXCCON01 - RS232/RS422/RS485 - Ethernet Gateway
NAE SS-ADXL-EXC1042 - RS485 Communication Card
NAE SS-ADXL-EXA04 - Kit of 3 Terminal Protection for ADXL0250600…ADXL0320600
NAE SS-ADXL-EXA03 - Kit of 3 Terminal Lugs for ADXL0250600…ADXL0320600
NAE SS-ADXL-EXA02 - Kit of 3 Terminal Protection for ADXL0135600…ADXL0195600
NAE SS-ADXL-EXA01 - Kit of 3 Terminal Lugs for ADXL0135600…ADXL0195600
NAE SS-ADXL-CX02 - Wi-Fi Connection Dongle PC to ADXL
NAE SS-ADXL-CX01 - USB Connection Dongle PC to ADXL