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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in safeguarding workers against various workplace hazards, aiming to prevent serious workplace injuries and illnesses. This equipment includes a range of items like safety glasses, face shields, hearing protection, surgical masks, respirators, protective clothing, gloves, and safety shoes. These items are specifically designed to provide protection against physical, chemical, biological, and electrical hazards present in the working environment.

PPE is essential in various settings, notably in healthcare where workers are often exposed to potentially infectious materials. In these environments, PPE like surgical masks, gloves, and face shields are critical to minimize exposure to infectious diseases and contaminated surfaces. The proper use of PPE is mandated by OSHA standards, which also require employers to train employees on the correct use, maintenance, and disposal of these protective items.

Respirators, such as powered air purifying respirators, are vital in environments with poor air quality or exposure to harmful substances. Safety glasses and face shields protect against eye injuries from flying debris, chemical splashes, or direct contact with infectious materials. Hearing protection is necessary in areas with high noise levels to prevent long-term hearing loss.


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3M 7100303148 is a Comfort Plus flat fold N95 respirator. It features a Cool Flow™ exhalation valve and advanced electrostatic media for enhanced comfort and efficient filtration of non-oil particles. With a 5-year shelf life, this maintenance-free respirator is designed to fit most sizes and has a soft faceseal and braided comfort strap. It is suitable for hot or humid environments and is available in a box of 10 units, with a total of 120 units per case.
3M 7100291856 Hard Hat Adapter is an essential accessory for professional welders. Designed to be compatible with 3M's 100 Series and 9002NC welding helmets, it provides convenient headgear for enhanced safety. This adapter ensures a tight and secure fit, delivering maximum protection during welding activities. Manufactured by 3M, a trusted brand known for their high-quality products, this Hard Hat Adapter is a reliable choice for professionals in need of reliable welding equipment.
3M 7100291855 Hard Hat Adapter is a high-quality product designed for professional users. It is specifically made to securely attach hard hats to welding helmets, making it ideal for welding applications. This adapter is compatible with the 3M 9100 Series welding helmet, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. With 3M's reputation for top-notch products, this hard hat adapter guarantees excellent quality and durability. Improve safety and comfort on the job with the 3M Hard Hat Adapter.
3M 7100289276 is a compatible welding helmet suitable for G5-01 Welding Helmets. This high-quality product is made by 3M, a trusted brand in the industry. With its reliable performance and durability, it provides excellent protection during welding processes. Ensure safety and comfort with this 3M welding helmet, designed to enhance your welding experience.
3M 7100289275 is a durable Ratchet Assembly product designed to enhance welding helmet functionality. Specifically compatible with G5-01 Welding Helmets, it allows for quick and easy adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Manufactured by 3M, a reputable company known for quality products, this ratchet assembly is an essential accessory for welders seeking superior convenience and reliability.
3M 7100288242 Faceshield Cover, a high-quality and reliable product designed to protect your face from potential hazards. Manufactured by 3M, a renowned brand known for its excellence in creating safety equipment, this faceshield cover ensures maximum protection without compromising comfort. With its durable construction and advanced materials, it safeguards against various impacts, chemical splashes, and airborne particles. Offering superior shielding capabilities, the 3M Faceshield Cover is an essential accessory for professionals working in hazardous environments. Prioritize your safety and choose the trusted solution provided by 3M.
3M 7100286571 is a Faceshield Cover, designed to provide excellent protection and coverage. With its high-quality construction, it ensures durability and reliability. This product is part of the wide range of offerings by 3M, a trusted brand known for innovation and performance. Whether for industrial use or personal safety needs, this Faceshield Cover is a reliable choice. Stay protected with 3M's expertise in manufacturing top-quality safety gear.
3M 7100283489 Head Harness Assembly is a compatible spare part for the 3M™ PAPR Systems and 3M™ Supplied Air System. With enhanced comfort and durability, it guarantees a secure fit on the face, making it suitable for the FF-800 Series and Secure Click™ HF-800 Series Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators. This product also offers eye protection and is maintenance-free. Its accessories ensure convenience while using the product. Made by 3M, this Head Harness Assembly is a reliable choice for respiratory protection.
3M 7100282441 Backpack is a professional-grade accessory compatible with 3M™ PAPR Systems, such as the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator. It is ideal for welding processes like grinding, MIG/Mag, Stick, MIG/MAG, TIG >1A, Plasma, TIG, and Tack Welding. The backpack includes a harness and attachment plate, ensuring ease of use and comfort. However, it is not compatible with the 3M™ Supplied Air System. Overall, this 3M product offers excellent functionality and convenience for professionals in various welding applications.
3M 7100267864 Exhalation Valve is a high-quality product compatible with the 3M™ PAPR Systems and 3M™ Supplied Air System. It offers enhanced comfort and durability, making it ideal for use with the FF-800 Series and Secure Click™ HF-800 Series Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators. With an overall length of 8.036 inches and a net weight of 0.45 pounds, this exhalation valve ensures optimal respiratory protection. Each box contains 5 valves, making it a cost-effective choice. This product does not include eye protection.
3M 7100266242 Lens Frame Assembly (Product Code: FF-800-02) is a high-quality accessory for 3M™ PAPR Systems and 3M™ Supplied Air Systems. This frame offers enhanced comfort and durability, making it perfect for long-term use. With its full facepiece design, it provides excellent eye protection. It has an overall length of 7.784 in (197.723 mm), width of 5.845 in (148.46 mm), and height of 1.422 in (36.127 mm). Each box contains 5 frames, and they weigh 0.121 lb (55.1 g). Compatible with FF-800 Series and Secure Click™ HF-800 Series Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators.
3M 7100266132 Particulate Respirator is a maintenance-free respirator designed to protect against asbestos fibers, mold, and silica. It features a Comfort Class design, with no enhanced comfort or Cool Flow™ exhale valve. The N95 filter class offers efficient filtration, and the respirator is not flame-resistant or fluid-resistant. This flat-fold style respirator is size standard and does not contain natural rubber latex components. Each case contains 240 units with a shelf life of 5 years. The strap is stapled and made of braided elastic for a comfortable fit. Calm.com does not sell products. Please check with an online retailer or local store for purchasing options.