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Pendant Control Stations

Pendant control stations are devices used in industrial settings to control equipment, machinery, and processes. They typically consists of push buttons and switches mounted on a handheld pendant that hangs from a stationary or mobile support. The pendant control station allows the operator to remotely control the machinery, such as a hoist, crane, winches, and carts.

The control station usually has a two speed selection, allowing the operator to control the equipment's movement and speed. The pendant may have emergency stop buttons to provide safety protection in case of any accidents.

The pendant control station is typically housed in an enclosure for protection against environmental conditions and physical damage. The enclosure may have conduit holes for wiring and accessories such as contacts and operator switches.

These pendant control stations are commonly used in industrial applications, including factories, warehouses, and construction sites, to control equipment and machinery with high precision and safety.


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Pendant Station, 2 push buttons, not interlocked, NO contacts, START STOP, yellow enclosure, 600 VAC 5 A
Pendant Station, 2 mechanically interlocked push buttons, NO contacts, FORWARD REVERSE, yellow enclosure, 600 VAC 5 A