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Tapes & Adhesives Accessories

Tapes and adhesives accessories encompass a broad spectrum of products designed to meet a variety of application needs in different environments. Adhesives, with their ability to join materials, are crucial in numerous applications, ranging from simple household projects to complex industrial processes. Tapes, a subset of these accessories, offer a convenient and often strong bonding solution for materials like plastic, and they come in many forms, including options in white and black, each suited to specific uses.

These accessories are not limited to tapes and adhesives alone; the category also includes items essential for the proper application and utilization of these products. For instance, dispensers and applicators are vital for ensuring that adhesives are applied evenly and efficiently, contributing to the effectiveness of the bond and the neatness of the project. In addition, these accessories may include tools for preparing surfaces, ensuring that they are clean and ready for adhesion, which is especially important for achieving a strong, durable seal.


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3M 7100321171 - 3M OEM Match Wing Nozzle 2K Tip 33997, a pack of 10 nozzles in 5 packs per case.
3M 7100321273 - 3M OEM Match Wing Nozzle 1K Tip 33992, with 10 nozzles per pack and 5 packs per case.
3M 7100320988 - 3M OEM Match Wide Stream 2K Tip 33998, 10 Nozzles/Pack, 5 Packs/Case.
3M 7100321172 - 3M OEM Match Wide Stream 1K Tip 33993 comes in packs of 10 nozzles, with a total of 5 packs per case.
3M 7100321057 - 3M OEM Match Sprayable 2K Tip 33996 is a pack of 10 nozzles designed for 2K applications. Each case contains 5 packs.
3M 7100321283 - 3M OEM Match Ripple Tip 1K Tip 33994, 10 Nozzles per Pack, 5 Packs per Case.
3M 7100320196 - 3M OEM Match Air Supply Kit 33999 is a pack of 10 kits per case for optimal performance.
The 3M Static Mixing Nozzle 38195 is a plastic bag containing 12 static mixing nozzles. Each bag has a capacity of 1.691 fl oz (US) or 50 ml. It is designed for mixing applications and comes in a bag with 6 bags in a case.
The 3M Static Mixing Nozzle 08194 is a plastic nozzle designed for mixing applications. It has a capacity of 6.763 fl oz (US) or 200 ml, and comes in a carton containing 50 nozzles. The product form is a bag, and the tip style is static.
The 3M Static Mixing Nozzle 08193 is a bag of 6 gold plastic nozzles, each with a 200 mL capacity. Designed for static mixing, it is suitable for a variety of applications. With a total capacity of 6.763 fl oz (US), this nozzle offers convenience and precision in a compact package.
The 3M Static Mixing Nozzle 38191 is a nozzle for mixing and dispensing adhesives. It comes in a bag containing 12 nozzles, with 6 bags per case. The nozzle is made of plastic and has a static tip style. It has a capacity of 1.691 fl oz (US) or 50 ml.
The 3M Scotch-Weld™ EPX Mixing Nozzle is a white, helical nozzle designed for trim and molding attachment in various industries. With a volume of 1.7 fl oz and made of plastic, it is suitable for aerospace, automotive, construction, and other applications. Each case contains 72 nozzles.