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Hand Tools

3M and Phoenix Contact are renowned for their wide range of high-quality hand tools, catering to various applications in the industrial, electrical, and telecommunications sectors.

3M's hand tools are known for their durability and ergonomic design, making them popular in professional environments. Their product range includes tools for cutting, stripping, and terminating wires and cables, as well as tools for applying heat shrink and connectors. 3M focuses on user safety and comfort, ensuring that their tools reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and are easy to handle even during long periods of use. These tools are commonly used in electrical installations, network setups, and general maintenance tasks.

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive selection of hand tools specifically designed for electrical engineering and automation tasks. Their tools are recognized for precision and reliability, essential for tasks like crimping terminals, cutting wires, or assembling connectors. Phoenix Contact hand tools are often designed with specific applications in mind, such as tools for use in control cabinet construction or for creating custom cable assemblies. Their tools are engineered for high performance, ensuring accurate and efficient work, particularly in complex wiring and circuit assembly tasks.


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Ilsco 94504 - Replacement adaptor for Electric Heat Gun 94502 with NEMA Code 0-000-1. Ensure compatibility and reliable performance. Designed for seamless integration with heat gun, providing secure connection and efficient operation. Perfect for quick and hassle-free replacement when adapter is damaged or lost.
Ilsco 94502 - Compact and powerful electric heat gun with 120 volts. NEMA Code 0-000-1. Ideal for heating and drying applications. Durable construction for long-lasting use. Suitable for DIY projects, crafts, and professional applications. Lightweight and easy to use. Efficiently heats up materials.
Ilsco 27001 - This Electric Heat Gun Kit includes the 94502 heat gun, 94145 crimp tool, and 11 disks of Thin Wall heat shrink in varying sizes. It has a NEMA Code of 0-000-1, a voltage rating of 120 V, and a blue color. The kit is designed for use in various applications.
Ilsco GRT-3500 - The Gardner Bender GRT-3500 Outlet Receptacle Tester and Circuit Analyzer is a essential tool for detecting 5 wiring errors. It features an easy-to-read chart, comfortable grip, and is designed for use with 120 VAC outlets. NEMA Code 0-000-1, color black, sold as 1 per package.
Ilsco GC-375 - Cable Cutter designed for cutting #2/0 AWG soft copper and aluminum cable. Features contoured steel cutting blades, 8 inch length, NEMA Code 0-000-1, and a red color. Precision tool for efficient and precise cable cutting tasks.
Ilsco GBX-300 - BX Armor Cable Cutter cuts BX, MC, AC, and Liquid Tight 3/8-Inch Conduit. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Color: Red. Efficient tool for electrical projects. Durable construction. Compact design for easy handling. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Keep cables neat and precise with this reliable cutter.
Ilsco CR-1000 - The Premium Cable Ripper (NEMA Code: 0-000-1) in Red color is a durable and efficient tool for cutting and stripping cables with ease. Featuring a sleek design and high-quality construction, this cable ripper is ideal for professional use in electrical and networking applications.
Ilsco E1 - The Sperry Instruments E1 Clamp Meter Line Splitter is a versatile accessory compatible with any clamp meter. It operates at 120V AC and 15A, with 1X and 10X measuring capability. NEMA Code 0-000-1 for easy identification. The splitter is black in color, making it a sleek and functional addition to your toolkit.
Ilsco TT64202 - The Cable Test Plus Network Cable Tester is a versatile tool for testing Coax and Cat3 through Cat6 Ethernet cables. One unit includes 1/Ea in yellow color coded for easy identification. NEMA Code 0-000-1 ensures compatibility with various cable types. Efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot cable connections with this reliable tester.
Ilsco GCM-500 - The Gardner Bender GCM-500 Analog Clamp Meter features 4 functions and 8 ranges for testing AC/DC voltage, AC current, and resistance. Equipped with LockJaw safety, it is designed in a sleek black color with NEMA Code 0-000-1. Includes manual. Ideal for electrical testing tasks.
Ilsco GCM-221 - The 6 Function Digital Manual Ranging Clamp Meter in black color, with a NEMA Code of 0-000-1, is a versatile tool for measuring electrical currents. This compact meter offers precise readings and is ideal for various applications. Essential for professionals in the electrical industry.
Ilsco ET65220 - The ToneProbe Tone and Probe Wire Cable Tracing Kit features a NEMA Code of 0-000-1 in a vibrant yellow color. This kit allows for efficient tracing and identification of wires and cables. Ideal for technicians and electricians needing precision in their work.