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Grid Antennas

Grid antennas are highly directional antennas designed for extended-range wireless communication and point-to-point links. A common design element of grid antennas is a grid-shaped reflector, which focuses the signal that a radio transmits into a very narrow beam, allowing the antenna to achieve high gain (i.e., it can amplify the signal) and send it strong over long distances – sometimes up to several miles. They're commonly used in applications like Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), remote telemetry, and backhaul links for 4G LTE cellular networks – any time you need to move significant amounts of data reliably and securely over long distances with minimal packet loss.

Building parabolic grid antennas requires a parabolic shape created by the grid structure that serves as a reflector, focusing narrow beam width signals towards the feed element, usually a dipole or horn antenna. The parabolic grid reflector offers a sharp focal point and allows for good signal efficiency thanks to minimal interference.

One of the main perks of grid antennas is that they can cut down on wind load. They're novel in their design, with an open frame that allows wind to pass through, making them far lighter than most other kinds of antennas. That openness also reduces stress on both the hardware that holds the antenna up and on the antenna itself, making it a far more stable installation in high-wind areas.


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Wavelink PROgrid806-18-N4 Grid Antenna 806-896 MHz, Half Parabolic Grid is a Premium Grade Antenna is a directional antenna for long range communications. It is fully welded that makes it durable for the harsh wind conditions and elements that antennas are exposed to. The Pro grid antenna is annodized for a longer lasting finish that also resists ice build up that can affect antenna performance. This antenna includes a galvanized very heavy duty clamp to secure the antenna to hold its critical positioning to maintain the best signal once positioned.