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Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is essential for wired networks and is commonly used to connect a variety of devices such as computers, routers, and switches. These cables offer a reliable and fast internet connection, often superior to wireless signals. They usually terminate with RJ45 connectors and can come in various forms, including unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair. UTP is more common and works well for most applications in homes and offices, while shielded cables are used in environments where electromagnetic interference is a concern, like in data centers.

In terms of speed, Ethernet cables are capable of supporting varying download speeds depending on the category of the cable and the type of devices you're connecting. The performance is not just about speed but also about the quality of the connection. Cables designed for better performance can transmit data at higher frequencies and are better for future-proofing your network.


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Fluke A-CB-LT-M16-W12-60 - LOW-TEMP(85C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,60M(200 FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4980079
Fluke A-CB-LT-M16-W12-30 - LOW-TEMP(85C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,30M(100 FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4980068
Fluke A-CB-LT-M16-W12-15 - LOW-TEMP(85C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,15M(50 FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4980046
Fluke A-CB-LT-M16-W12-08 - LOW-TEMP(85C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,8M(26 FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4980031
Fluke A-CB-LT-M16-W12-04 - LOW-TEMP(85C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,4M(13 FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4980022
Fluke A-CB-LT-M12-W08-50 - LT (80C) 8 PIN CABLE M12 CONNECTOR FOR ETHERNET 50 M (160FT) - 4962267
Fluke A-CB-LT-M12-W08-25 - LT (80C) 8 PIN CABLE M12 CONNECTOR FOR ETHERNET 25 M (80FT) - 4962259
Fluke A-CB-LT-M12-W08-07 - LT (80C) 8 PIN CABLE M12 CONNECTOR FOR ETHERNET 7.5M (25FT) - 4962232
Fluke A-CB-HT-M16-W12-60 - HIGH-TEMP(200C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,60M(200FT)W/O TERMBLOCK - 4980010
Fluke A-CB-HT-M16-W12-30 - HIGH-TEMP(200C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,30M(100FT)W/O TERMBLOCK - 4980005
Fluke A-CB-HT-M16-W12-15 - HIGH-TEMP(200C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,15M(50FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4979999
Fluke A-CB-HT-M16-W12-08 - HIGH-TEMP(200C)CABLE,M16 CONN 12 WIRES,8M(26FT)W/O TERM.BLOCK - 4979986