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Coaxial cable, or coax cable, has been used around the world to transmit data, voice and video communication to customers by cable companies, internet providers and telephone companies. It has been used since the early 20th century because of its reliability in data transmission. 

Coax cable has an inner conductor (solid copper, stranded copper or copper plated steel wire) surrounded by a dielectric insulating layer, which is then surrounded by a metallic conducting shield. The entire cable is protected by an outer insulating jacket. The dielectric insulator helps to minimize signal loss while the outer jacket prevents damage to the cable from external factors.

Coax cable assemblies (cable with connectors) are designed with the cable terminating in a connector. Connectors are either male (metal pin extending from the center) or female (hole in the center to receive the pin). A coax connector’s main purpose is to connect cables to other devices while maintaining the same impedance and shielding.

Coax cable (without ends) can be selected by gauge and impedance. Gauge measures the cable’s thickness and is referred to by the RG (radio guide measurement) number. The larger the RG number, the thinner the central conductor core. Impedance depends on the dimensions of the inner and outer conductors of the cable and is measured in ohms. Most coax cables have an impedance of 50 ohms and 75 ohms.



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Fluke 1658-T-60 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940209
Fluke 1658-T-48 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940180
Fluke 1658-T-24 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940132
Parsec PC4002L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 50'
Parsec PC4004L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 50 ft
Parsec PC400L50NM - LSR400 Cable; 50'
Parsec PC2404L4WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 9-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L2WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 5-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2404L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402LG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 3-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402W30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'