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Coax Cable

Coaxial cable, often referred to simply as coax, is widely used for transmitting electrical signals, especially for high frequency signal transmission including cable television, internet, and radio frequency signals. The coaxial design features an inner conductor, usually made of copper wire or copper clad steel, surrounded by a dielectric insulator. This dielectric layer is then wrapped in an outer conductor, often made of metal foil or a metal braid, to serve as a shield layer against electromagnetic interference. An insulating jacket covers the entire assembly to protect it and to prevent corrosion.

This construction provides several advantages. The presence of inner and outer conductors separated by a dielectric insulator provides characteristic impedance, which is crucial for preserving the quality of the transmitted electrical signal. The shielded design minimizes signal leakage and also protects against outside signal interference, including electromagnetic fields from other cables or metal objects.

In commercial settings such as commercial radio broadcast towers and satellite antenna facilities, the demand for coax cables that can handle high power and higher frequencies is often met with specially designed coaxial cable assemblies. These may include features like tuned slots for specific frequencies and straight-line feeds to ensure that the signal exists uniformly across the transmission lines.


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Fluke 1658-T-60 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940209
Fluke 1658-T-48 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940180
Fluke 1658-T-24 - TYPE N (M), RG214/U - 1940132
Parsec PC4002L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 50'
Parsec PC4004L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 50 ft
Parsec PC400L50NM - LSR400 Cable; 50'
Parsec PC2404L4WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 9-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L2WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 5-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2404L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402LG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 3-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402W30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'