Enclosure Solar Shields

Electrical enclosures are designed to house industrial components and to protect them from the surrounding environment. They are also designed to protect operators from electric shock. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Some things to consider when selecting the proper enclosure would be the number of components housed inside and what material and rating will provide the appropriate protection. An outdoor enclosure must take into consideration all kinds of weather conditions. Ambient temperatures in summer are high and the effects of solar radiation on the internal enclosure temperature could become a problem if it exceeds normal operating conditions.

Enclosure sun and solar shields can be a low-cost, effective method of reducing solar heat gain inside of an outdoor electrical enclosure. Top-mounted solar shields can produce a 25 percent reduction in temperature rise due to solar heat. They provide a vented area on top of the enclosure to absorb solar heating effects and help to keep the enclosure cool. Wall-mounted solar shields provide outdoor enclosures shielded protection from the top, sides and rear and provide effective weather protection from sun, snow and rain.

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