VFD Variable Frequency Drives

Motors require a great amount of energy when rapidly accelerating to full speed. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) and soft starters can be used to reduce inrush currents and limit torque. This reduces wear and tear caused by frequent starts and stops extending the life of the motor.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are electromechanical devices that are used to control the torque and speed of three phase AC motors. This is accomplished by varying the voltage and frequency of the electrical current being sent to the motor. When the motor receives less voltage at a lower frequency, it will run at a fraction of its full speed, thus reducing the wear and tear on the motor while using less energy. VFDs are different from soft starters in that they can control the speed of the motor during both the start and stop cycles, as well as throughout the run cycle. Soft starters can only control the speed during the start cycle.

Using VFDs in industrial applications provide many advantages, such as, easier machine operation and process control, reduction of wear on equipment and ultimately the cost-savings of lower power consumption. VFDs can be used in conveyor systems to provide accurate torque and speed control, reducing the stress on mechanical equipment especially during start and stop functions. Speed control is also possible during run time by installing a remote potentiometer that operators can adjust manually to set the speed for the conveyor. This allows the speed to match the production capacity and ultimately results in cost-savings. Similar process control and savings can be accomplished using VFDs in aquatic applications for pumps that control water flow.

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