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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are hardware devices that centralize communications among multiple connected Ethernet devices, such as computers Wi-Fi access points, IoT devices and servers, to one local area network (LAN). They manage the flow of data across the network by transmitting received network packets to one or more devices for which the packets are intended. Ethernet switches can identify every device connected to them and direct the traffic flow of the devices, which ensures the efficiency and security of the network.

Din rail ethernet switches are easily mounted onto a din rail which will save time and space within an industrial enclosure. Rack ethernet switches can be mounted horizontally or vertically within an industrial rack to save space and maintain access to the front and back of the switch. Backbone switches provide a way to interconnect networks and manage packets of data from one network through the backbone to another network.

Power substation switches allow compatible devices to work in places where power outlets or network connections aren’t available.

Vibration resistant rail and transportation switches are designed to guarantee reliable operation in industrial environments where vibration and shock are commonplace.