Commercial Enclosures

Canadian cabinets and splitters have been independently tested and certified to meet the recognized standards for performance and safety by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Metering enclosures and splitter boxes are designed for indoor and outdoor protection of instrument assemblies, transformers and splitters. 

Current transformer cabinets and terminal enclosures provide protection for current transformers, relays, meters and terminal assemblies. Terminal enclosures are wire-splice boxes that have a feeder tap to branch circuits. Due to the large currents flowing in, cabinets and enclosures are an essential protection barrier for operators against electric shock. They also protect sensitive equipment from harsh environmental elements. 

Electrical utility enclosures provide protection and security for automatic cut-offs, safety and transfer switches, monitors and manual controls. The enclosures meet structural, physical, environmental and equipment testing standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and usually provide a locking device.

Industrial enclosures and junction boxes are integral to many electrical distribution systems. Junction boxes distribute power from one location to multiple other locations or collect control signals from various input and output devices and deliver them to a central control panel. The main purpose of the enclosures and boxes is to shield the inside components from the outside elements.

Telephone enclosures are designed to protect the telephone and communication cable terminations, electrical controls and instruments in indoor applications. Termination cabinets provide a termination point for the utility company’s transition to secondary circuits and primary feeders.